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1980 Fiat 131 Abarth- Tribute    $65,000     For Sale by Owner

United States , CT

I am selling a legendary Fiat 131 from 1980, which was rebuilt into a tribute of the Abarth version.
The foundation for the reconstruction was the original Fiat 131 Racing two door, purchased in Sicily-Italy , specifically in Palermo.
The car has undergone a thorough overhaul of the car body. All corrosion has been cleaned and protected with anti-corrosive agents. The body structure was preserved in good condition, there was no need for major flashing. The undercarriage, wheel arches and other elements have been painted with an epoxy primer that has very good adhesion and durability. Body panels are made of fiberglass, and has been adapted to the car and professionally attached to the bodywork.
Most car accessories have been replaced with new or refurbished ones.
A lot of modifications also went through the engine. The head uses high-performance camshafts with an elevation time of 298 * and 290 *, respectively. The engine has been set at approximately 10.8: 1. A sports oil cooler was placed. Two WEBER 45 dual carburetors are responsible for the supply of fuel. The exhaust manifold has been specially welded for this vehicle, in accordance with the rally rules of the era and wrapped with a special non-flammable bandage. At the end of the exhaust there is an empty silencer, thanks to which you can often see the fire coming out of the exhalation. The whole sounds fantastic. At this moment Fiat has approximately 150-160 hp.
The car has the original ABARTH gearbox with shortened gear shifter.
Monroe sport shock absorbers were mounted in the suspension, and harder and lowering springs were made to order. All suspension sleeves have been replaced with new ones. Most of them are made of polyurethane. The front rocker arms have been regenerated. All suspension elements have been sandblasted and repainted.
Brakes - rebuilt from the original drum to disc brakes. Regenerated calipers, new discs and Brembo blocks. Rally racing adjustable braking force regulator - attached from the bottom to the chassis.
Front - 4 piston Brembo calipers on specially adapted adapters - 315mm disc. Terminals after regeneration. New Brembo discs, pads and high performance clutch. All fluids and oils been recently done.

The interior of Fiat has been completely renovated. Armchairs and upholstery made of ordinary and perforated leather. Front RECARO seats. The dashboard, headliner and smaller elements were lined with Alcantara. The dashboard and all gauges were professionally designed and in the middle there are two original ABARTH clocks.
The car stands on the fantastic 15-inch Campagnolo wheels with a width of 9 inches. The tires are sports TOYO PROXES R888. The tires are brand new. In order to avoid problems when turning, special steering limits have been applied to the rods.
The car is fully registered and titled for regular use, has met all the requirements for a technical review.
The car has never been used in a motorsport, I think it is an excellent base for further modifications, or just for fun.
Car has completed a few hundred miles of testing since the completion of its refurbishment and reconstruction. All shortcomings have been eliminated.
Currently, no item in the car requires a financial contribution. If you have any more questions or concerns please contact me directly at 203-219-6808. I have custom made YouTube video of the car from the restoration. Also I have plenty other pictures.

See attached link to the YouTube video of the car restoration


Fiat 131 Abarth- Tribute restoration

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Published: Nov 4, 2019
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