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2023 FIA ECO Dolomites GT rally.
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2023 FIA ECO Dolomites GT rally.

Hello to all Racing.ca members,

On November 11th-12th, 2023 we took part in the last round of the 2023 FIA ECO Rally Cup at the ECO Dolomites GT in Fiera di Primiero, Italy. This time our team was represented by Andrea Caser and Lukasz Nytko, Andrea was a driver and Lukasz took the spot of the co-driver. Peter was unable to take part because of work-related obligations, but Andrea drove the car very well.

Nytko Motorsport has taken part in FIA Eco rallies since 2013, representing FIA Canada ASN and TAC on this international motorsport stage.

Since 2016, the Cup has changed to electric and hydrogen cars only. This caused significant effort in securing a vehicle for this event and thanks to Andrea, who drove his personal Peugeot e208 for the rally, we were able to compete in Italy this year.

Now, some info about the rally; 2 days of a competition were divided into 4 legs, with 2 separate Road Books which were handed out only an hour before the start. The 441 km route was from Fiera di Primiero - Ortisei - Fiera di Primiero, with 16 regularity stages and average speeds between 36 to 41 km/h. Amazing roads with fantastic mountain views which at times distract you during the stages. Some road sections were already snow-covered adding to the difficulty of the event. The organizer also added some extra excitement by making the transit section a bit short on time so reaching the checkpoints required some fast driving.

Our performance was very good given being the very first rally for Andrea. We were able to achieve a top 10th place during the stages. We experienced a very fast lesson in the Italian and English language, but the communication was perfect between us.

Thanks to fantastic organizers and wonderful scenery, this event is on top of our list in the European regularity rally calendar, not to mention fantastic Italian hospitality and family atmosphere.

The event also had a very good number of international entries with 20 top teams from all over Europe and us from Canada :) It was nice to see our fellow competitors, after such a long time, some of whom we have known personally for almost 10 years now.

The final result for us - was 10th place in the Regularity Classification, 5th place in the Performance Index, and 8th place in Combined regularity and energy consumption.

Special thanks to the organizers of the rally Mario Montanucci Pignatelli, Stefano Torcellan, Nicola Ventura, all FIA officials, and technical support.

Lukasz (Lukas) Nytko
Nytko Motorsport

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