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Porsche 962 for sale         For Sale by Owner

Langley, BC

I have a new build Porsche 962 for sale, it is the culmination of 18 years of work (on and off) it has only been track sorted/tested at Mission Road Course in Mission BC. This car is tube frame construction unlike the factory built 962 which was aluminum monocoque chassis. I have built 5 aluminum monocoques from the factory patterns and three tube frame 962 chassis one of which is for my own car. The car weighs about 1800lbs quite a bit less than a Porsche 911 and has a NA 3.2L Carrera engine balanced to 0 grams with ARP rod bolts, distributorless crankfire ignition and new PMO carbs. The gearbox is a Lola/Hewland 6 speed sequential with LSD. The brakes are Brembo group C calipers on the front with 14" rotors and Brembo Ferrari F50 calipers on the rear with 13" rotors. There is a Stack digital dash display and Momo steering wheel. All the bodywork is grp from original molds, this car is identical to the factory car dimensionally and factory parts are interchangeable with everything on the car. The wheels and tires are straight from and IMSA run car, they're 17"X15" rear and 17"X13" front. The car is painted Porsche Grand Prix white and all the graphics are easily removable vinyl decals. More information and videos can be seen here: www.962and904.com The reason for selling is that it took too long to build and I had already started on my last build which is a 904, I decided I didn't want to risk the 962 by racing it as I knew I would be selling it and I would be racing the 904 which is close to being completed.
I'm asking $150K usd with consideration for a partial trade, I'd also take $135k USD if I keep the 3.2na engine that is currently in the car.

Porsche 962 Track session 7/30/19 Mission Raceway park

First time my 962 has seen the track, took it slow and easy as the tires are old and hard, actually spun in the first turn and I wasn't even pushing it. Track day was to sort the car out but there were no issues aside from the hard tires that were difficult to get heat into. The car ran flawlessly and the Hewland 6 speed sequential was a pleasure to shift up without the clutch. The car still hasn't been driven in anger though. Keep in mind this car is lighter than a Porsche 911 and is For Sale. This was all the video I currently have but others have video that I'll post when I receive them.

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Published: Apr 27, 2021
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