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Schroth SHR Flex    $450     For Sale by Owner

Vaughan , ON

I am selling a like-new (1 year old & never used) Schroth SHR Flex head/neck restraint.

It works exactly like a normal HANS except it is adjustable (can be used in anything from street cars to formula cars) and offers better side impact protection thanks to the unique tether design.

It is a size medium which fits up to/around 16” necks (I am 16.5” and fit great). It is SFI 38.1 certified for life, and is also always valid for non-sanctioned events (trackdays, lapping, HPDE, etc.). If you are/plan to be using a helmet and harnesses, this piece of equipment is absolutely essential.

I am also including the helmet posts ($80 CAD value) and the device comes in the original Schroth carrying bag.

Asking $450 USD or $600 CAD, located in Vaughan. Will ship anywhere. Payment by PayPal or cash in person.

Further details from the Schroth site shown below:

SHR FLEX the new Frontal Head Restraint from SCHROTH. Designed for optimum safety, comfort, and ease of use.

- Simple Sizing - only two sizes - Medium (up to 16") neck and Large. You can use a large even if your neck is smaller to give more room over a collar bone.

- Angle Independent - the small, low collar works perfectly with any seating angle and does not interfere with the seatback. The articulating collar rises in an impact to create the optimum tether angle. Perfect for drivers with multiple cars

- Load controlling "bump stop" - the legs are connect to the collar along with a unique bump stop that smooths out the initial tether loading and allows proper collar angle

- Floating Tether - the floating tether allows a full range of motion of the head to the left and right while also adding some side stability

- Flexible legs - the legs of the FLEX have the padding molded in eliminating the need for additional pads. This allows the belts to fit tight to the body and keeps the FLEX from moving under the belts

- Retention ears - the collar features extended vertical ears at the outside edge that help to keep your belts on the FLEX even in a secondary impact.

- Slip-Stop - mate your FLEX with SCHROTH Slip-Stop shoulder belts for intensive off road and rallye applications. Slip-Stop shoulder belts have a counter groove on the back of the belt that fits with groves on the top of the lower legs of the FLEX.

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Published: Aug 17, 2019
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