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1976 Caldwell D13 Formula Vee    $7,050     Sold

For Sale - 1976 Caldwell D13 Formula Vee

A championship winner ‘back in the day’, this 1976 Caldwell D13 has a complete log book dating from 1981 until it was last raced in 2016. The car has passed tech inspection in both Canada and the US.
Since last raced, the car has been completely rewired using quick release connections wherever possible and the bodywork has been fully stripped, refurbished, painted and new fittings installed. It has the SCCA Kevlar protection strips along both sides of the body.
The refreshed engine has the usual 1200cc barrels on a 1600cc block, with an EMPI sump. It also has a new oil cooler and trailing arms, and the fire suppression system is fully charged. A full cockpit tonneau cover (red) is included.
The D13 is well known to suit larger drivers and this one also has an added roll bar height extension for increased clearance above the helmet. This car needs some simple ducting to the new oil cooler and a new safety harness.
Price: CDN$ 7,050 OBO
The following spares could be included with the car in a (mix and match) package deal or sold separately. Prices in CDN$:
• One (1) nose section, fully refurbished and painted to match $600
• One (1) refreshed engine, 1200cc barrels on 1600cc crankcase with
EMPI sump $2,500
• Four (4) 1200cc barrels @ $40 $160
• One (1) spare carb with intake manifold $500
• Two (2) new TRW (993) steering boxes @ $135 $270
• One (1) complete VW ‘hub to hub transaxle’ $1,100
• Five (5) new trailing arms @ $135 $675
• Four (4) Hoosier Vintage TD Tread tires 120/5.90-15 (used once) $600
• Four (4) Hoosier (practice) slicks incl. rims (currently on car) @$50 $200
• Other misc. items (e.g., rear hubs, brake shoes, valve covers, etc.) TBD
• Single axle trailer with tire rack and spare $750

Published: Sep 24, 2018
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