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Misc. Formula Ford parts    $100     For Sale by Owner

Ottawa, ON

1) AP Lookheed LD-19 caliper (new in box) $200.
2) FF1600 "Motomaster" distributor (used in excellent condition) $136 [SOLD]
3) RF00 TDI floating rotor (used in excellent condition) $55
4) Van Diemen RF00 Carbon fiber nose (used in excellent condition) $140
5) Van Diemen RF00 Shock cover main piece (new) $85
6) Van Diemen RF00 shock cover over nose piece (new) $40
7) Original Ford Kent cam $8
8) Set of VD tripod joints 30-spline (new but incomplete, need needle bearings) $50
9) Van Diemen RF00 extended version of front push-rod adjusters (new) for the set $58 [SOLD]
10) Van Diemen RF00 rear push-rod adjusters (one new, other used) for set $40 [SOLD]
11) Van Diemen RF00 rear A-arm to LD200 pick-up brackets (new) set of two $56 [SOLD]
12) Pi 10 Channels beacon Transmitter (new) $179
13) Pi 10 Channels beacon Receiver (used) $150
14) Pi Temperature sensor (new) $85 [One SOLD]
15) Pi Sys2 Download cable (new) $25
16) Pi Speed sensor (used) $55
17) Pi 10 Channels beacon Receiver Sys2 (used) $95
18) Pi Sys2 full harness for VD chassis (new) $200
19) Rain Light 18 LEDs with flashing mode (new) $90
20) Pi Crank RPM sensor with bracket (used) $85
21) Van Diemen RF00 Wheel Hub (used) $150
22) Vintage Van Diemen steering wheel (used) $100
23) Van Diemen RF00 original fiberglass seat (used) $15 [SOLD]

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Published: Sep 1, 2019
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