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Summer's End. CACC weekend #5

Last weekend or 2013 CACC Racing Season. Mission Raceway.

Saturday Sept 14, 2013, Closed Wheel 1, Race 1 - Mission Raceway - with AERIAL FOOTAGE


Heated action marks this first CW1 race of the last weekend of the 2013 season at the Mission Raceway Park.

Saturday Sept 14, 2013, Closed Wheel 2, Race 1 - Mission Raceway - with AERIAL FOOTAGE


Red hot battle for IP3 Championship takes place between Burton Reynolds (#33 Honda CRX) and WC Storms (#112 Honda DelSol).
Burton's teammate Dustin Jones (#24 Honda CRX) provides cover (@11:55), while Burton starts first and wins the top position in-class by the end of the race. Watch as fuel, sweat and blood is pouring from Burton's CRX on every corner as he battles to maintain top position.

Spec Miata leader Andrei Kisel (#11 Mazda Miata) defends class leadership against Will Lin (#5 Mazda Miata) and Norm Shaw (#60 Mazda Miata).

Todd Shiewe (#124 Corvette Z06) chases down powerful Harry Watson (#702 Turbo Miata), while David DelMonte (#99 BMW 3) manages to stay ahead of competition and takes top honors for this race.

***AERIAL FOOTAGE*** provided by Ronin's RCFreehold:

Sun, September 15, 2013. - Closed Wheel 1 Race #2 - Mission Raceway

Lots of action in this last race of the season at the Mission Raceway Park. Watch as Gerald Paetz #731 sweeps the field from the last position to finishing first.
Andrei Kisel #55 sets a new class lap record in the 6th lap and defends his class position against Carlos Tesler-Mabe #08, taking first in B-Spec.
Fred Semple #0 has the closest finish over his competitor Tracey Pearson #702, finishing 10 meters ahead at the checkered flag.


Aerial footage provide by Ronin RC Freehold.

Mission Raceway Park, British Columbia, Canada.
Go racing in BC. Visit

Organized by SCCBC - Sports Car Club of British Columbia -

Sanctioned by CACC - Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs, the affiliate of ASN Canada FIA, the Canadian national auto sport body.

Sun, Sept 15, 2013. CW2, Race 2 - Mission Raceway - yes, with AERIAL FOOTAGE

Action packed race! Four way IP3 battle, hard racing, blown motors, 2 safety cars, green flag, red flag, checkered flag, it is all there!

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Arial footage provided by Ronin's RCFreehold:


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