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Summer Sizzler [with Formula Vee Invitational]. CACC weekend #4

The summer was indeed sizzling for the wekened of August 3-4, 2013. So many cars showed up, at one point there was a traffic jam in the pit lane!

Sunday Aug 04, 2013. Closed wheel 1, Race 2

By www.racing.ca

Geral Paetz #731 effortlessly skims class honours from #218 Larry Bell and arrives first overall.

B-spec battle for class position is featured in this episode.
Car number #55 Mini Cooper driven by Andrei Kisel against an attacking #16 Mazda 2 driven by Cherri Storms.

Sunday Aug 04, 2013, Closed Wheel 2, Race 2 - Mission Raceway

By www.racing.ca

An intense IP3 championship battle between Burton Reynolds (#33 Honda CRX) and WC Storms (#112 Honda DelSol) is featured in this episode. #33 having been chased #112 from the begging of the season finally has his chance to flash the break-lights at the closest competitor. See for yourself if Burton holds Curt off for the entire race!

Gerald Paetz (#731 Pontiac Grandprix) backs off David DelMonte (#99 BMW) for the first two laps to the cheers of #99's fans. Although the demonstration lap ends too soon, and Gerald laps most of the field a couple of times as per usual.

In Spec Miata championship, Andrei Kisel #11 has a tight back-and-forth with Rod Davison #65, but manages to keep the lead for full points.


Aug 4, 2013, Closed Wheel 2, Race 1, Mission Raceway Park, Mission, BC, Canada

Organised by SCCBC - Sports Car Club of British Columbia, the the oldest sports car club in Canada, www.sccbc.net/

Sanctioned by CACC - Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs www.caccautosport.org/, the affiliate of ASN Canada FIA, the Canadian national auto sport body.

Formula Vee Invitational Race 2 - Sunday Aug 04, 2013 - Mission Raceway

Formula Vee Invitational Race 1 - Saturday Aug 03, 2013 - Mission Raceway

By www.racing.ca

First ever coverage of the annual Family Racing Affair Team - Formula Vee Invitational Event.

In this first of two Invitational races local driver Paul Higgins (#137 Formula Vee) takes first after an intense battle against Quinn Posner (#9 Formula Vee) and Nik Thomsen (#51 Formula Vee).

Stay tuned for the second installment of this event, the Sunday conclusion, scheduled to be released on Dec 10, 2013

Aug 3, 2013, Formula Vee Invt, Race 1, Mission Raceway Park, Mission, BC, Canada


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