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2011 nascar Sprint cup impala    $70,000     For Sale by Owner

Cape Coral, FL

2011 Nascar Sprint Cup car Impala Chevy this car was raced in the Daytona 500 by Elliott Sadler 2011 we use the car as a showpiece now and even have been paid to do shows with the car we've done parades fairs car shows so on and so forth the car can be raced again with just a few added updated racing Equipment the car is in perfect condition comes with another seat and also a set of tires and wheels still runs on Sunoco 110 and has 700 horsepower don't be fooled by the paint job it isn't a Jeff Gordon car but we wrapped it like Jeff Gordon's car it was an Elliott Sadler car and came from Gillette araham Motorsports brand new this car was over $200,000 even need her idea depending on your state laws make this car street legal there's about 12 of them in the United States that are street legal just have to change tires and put lights headlights blinkers and then of course register if you're interested shoot me an e-mail also comes with a nice $5,000 trailer

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Published: May 26, 2017
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