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Blown SBC 412cid 1650Hp    $40,000     For Sale by Owner

Calgary, AB

SBC 412cid made 1652Hp only has Dyno time on it. Will make 1800hp plus with some blower work.
Eagle tall deck block 4.030 bore 4 bolt mains. Callis crank, GRP Alum Rods, Diamond coated pistons.
Brian Olson Alum oil pan, pick up, and pump.
AJPE Alan Johnson billet heads, titanium valves, custom V/C, and push Rods. Camshaft, Jessel lifters.
AJPE custom build Blower intake. Magnesium made.
SSI 1471 Magnesium Blower.
RCD billet timing cover, with extention drive for fuel pump, and distributor mount.
MSD 12 Mag with points box, Wire set, and FEI coil.
Endrlie fuel pump, bird catcher.
RCD crank support. Crank pick up.
Custom made adapter between intake and Blower. And between Blower and Hat.
ARP bolts and studs.

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Published: Jan 5, 2017
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