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Ex Grand AM RSX (CTCC-SPC-Champ car-Club race)         For Sale by Owner

in Paul Street St-Augustin de desmaures, QC

I'm selling my Super production car(quebec spc)

The car is turn-key and race ready, reliable and fast (spc podium car)
No need to source spare parts,
worth more than +25K$ in cars and parts

Price list:

Complete car with everything included 20k$ can
Complete car with race engine and tranny 18k$can
Complete car with k24a2 motor 16K$can
Complete car with no engine or tranny 12K$ can


1- K24a2-k20a(type-s) race enigne
+-275 WHP on 91 octane (kpro) (probably +300whp on race gas and bigger intake)
13:1 JE pistons
450cc injectors
K20 oil pump
TK race head (30 cfm gain)
IPS k2 cams
Superteck valves springs
KARCEPTS Idle Air Control valve block off plate
Hondata Heatshield Intake manifold gasket
RBC Intake manifold/Karcepts Adapter

1- K24a2 (TSX motor) (230whp)
K20 Type R aluminum oil pan with custom baffling
RDX injectors
k20 oil pump
KARCEPTS Idle Air Control valve block off plate
Hondata Heatshield Intake manifold gasket
RBC Intake manifold/Karcepts Adapter


1- ITR tranny
5.2 fd
Quafe Diff

2- Type-s tranny
4.7 fd
itr LSD

spare 4.3 fd


Exedy flywheel
1- Rebuilded exedy 3 pucks clutch(2 of them)
2-Exedy stage 1

Engine Compartment:
HASport motor mounts
Custom wiring harness
MFactory oil cooler/filter re-location kit
Mizuno aluminum radiator

VIS carbon hood, factory replica with custom venting
Front splitter/air dam, custom NASA Honda Challenge spec.
C-West rear wing
Innovative garage front and rear tow hooks
Custom headlight delete skins
Trimmed and vented rear bumper skin
Skinned (lightened) rear hatch
Sparco spring loaded fuel door

Custom shifter box shim kit (to raise shifter)
Innovative Garage white shift knob
Custom wiring harness from firewall back (only essential’s remain)
AEM oil pressure gauge (digital)
AEM oil temp gauge (digital)
Fuel Safe fuel level gauge
MOMO steering wheel
Sparco Evo seat
Re-located battery (to passenger compartment)
Custom switch plate, push button start

HyTech header
3'' custom exhaust

Wheels and Tires:
Enkei RPF-1 Silver 17x9”(4)
MB battle replica 17x8''(4)
r888 245/40/17(10 used tires)
ARP extended wheel studs (all corners)

Front Suspension:
Moton 3-way adjustable
HardRace spherical bearings (control arms)
HardRace ball joints

Rear Suspension:
Moton 3-way adjustable
HardRace spherical bearings trailing and LCA
Aftermarket swaybar

ITR brembo
Stop Tech braided stainless lines F&R
Hawk DTC70 brake pads F&R
Custom wheel spacers

GrandAm approved cage
Seat, Sparco Evo
Harness, Sparco
Window net’s
Fire suppression
Fuel Safe fuel cell system

Doors, fenders rear hatch(color match)
steering rack and tie-rods
front and rear suspensions arms(all or them)
misc engine stuff+++++

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