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Van Diemen 91 Formula 1600         For Sale by Owner

91 Van Diemen 1600 Kent.
This car just won both B class supporting races at the 2016 Canadian Grand prix in Montreal!
Engine rebuilt five races ago, fresh Head, 3 port oilpump wit hintergral filter, 16 lb flywheel, racing clutch, petronix electronic pick up in distributer, new starter motor, Penske double adjustable shocks, Strong engine.
Floor is T6 aluminium. body sides are Kevlar anti-intrusion. Spare engine side panels and nose,.
Two sets of panasport wheels, one with toyop 888 tires.
Front roll centre and camber curve are far superior to original due to re-engineering, eliminating the stock understeer.
$15,000.00 US or $ 19,500.00 Cad

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Published: Aug 19, 2016
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