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VW GTI MK4 2.0T DSG touring car for sale roller or complete    $26,000     For Sale by Owner

Very fast and proven car 1:45.200 at Mont-tremblant, 56.160 a St-Eustache and never crashed.

This car is a regular podium car.

-Super clean chassis, acid dipped, lightened to maximum
-2.0l turbo K04 engine, JE pistons, Carillo connecting rods, Supertech single lock complete valvetrain.
-Seat sport clone DSG transmission, Seat sport paddle shift system, Gripper lsd diff.
-Unitronic custom programs, 2 ECU (250 whp et 300 whp)
-AIM MXL Pista Data aquisition with GPS
-Tilton floor mount pedal box
-APRacing front calipers with 12.19'' floating rotors
-GTI 20th vented rear brakes
-RON DAVIS radiator
-Moton Club sport shocks
-Ground Control camber plates
-Front uprights from Audi TT 225
-Suspension geometry redone
-Spherical bearing all around suspension
-Speedway engineering rear sway bar
-Lifeline zero360 fire system
-Total of 10 Enkei RPF1 wheels 17x8

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