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2000 Volkswagen Golf    $12,500     For Sale by Owner

Bowmanville, ON

We've owned this car since 2015 but it no longer fits in with our other race cars. Fun platform. It has been prepared to race currently and has a CASC log book. It was also sprint raced in the LDRC series and Group 133.

The motor has just been refreshed. Detail is below. It has less than an hour on the new motor.

The car is inexpensive to operate. It needs an updated ECU; otherwise, it is ready to go.


• 1.8L turbo freshly rebuilt motor (engine details below)
• Front wheel drive
• 6-speed transmission – 2004 VW Jetta GLI
• Limited Slip Differential
• DTA ECU (suggest replacement)
• SRT 4 Front Intercoolers
• 3 sets of race rims
• Suspension – Spax Race 12 way adjustable
• Front brakes – Porsche 996 4 piston
• Front Half Shafts – 2004 Jetta GLI
• Fuel Cell
• Fully Caged
• OMP Race Seat
• OMP Belts
• Fire Suppression System
• Headlamps
• Wiper

#667 Engine Detail

• 1.8t 06A block
• 0.040" overbore
• Wiseco pistons
• Manley rods
• Crank polished
• New bearings
• ARP head studs

• 20v 058 "AEB" Big port cylinder head
• Supertech inconel exhaust valves
• Supertech stainless intake valves
• Single groove valve keeper conversion

• All new gaskets top to bottom
• New water pump
• Gates RPM timing belt
• R8 coil packs
• New Garrett t28 dual ball bearing turbo

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Published: Feb 20, 2024
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