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Double Championship Winning Volvo S60 Challenge Factory Race, chassis No. 28.    $34,900     For Sale by Owner

Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts , QC

Double Championship Winning Volvo S60 Challenge Factory Race car, chassis No. 28. This race ready immaculate example. Never crashed and finished all races entered.
Volvo S60 Challenge Racer built for Swedish Car Touring Championship. Less than 40 units built, very rare, a true modern classic race car. Ready to race. Easy to set up. Aim Data acquisition. New Tracktive racing Dog Box with only 20hrs of track time. Many spares including 2 sets of extra wheels, gear box with Tracktive racing diff, Öhlins competition struts, brake rotors, passenger race seat with belts for ( (Lapping days ), ( original glass and panels that were removed) , all data and setup sheets etc.
2.4 litre T5 turbocharged engine with lightened flywheel and reduced exhaust back-pressure through use of a three-inch pipe and a racing catalytic converter.
Estimate Power depending on cpu : 265-300hp @ 6000 rpm, 260 lb-ft @ 2000-4500 rpm.

Tracktive M56H five-speed gearbox. Final ratio 3.235/1. Ratios: 1st 2,545
2nd 1,786, 3rd 1,412, 4th 1,20, 5th 1,053, Race limited-slip differential, sintered clutch and a stronger clutch plate. Stronger driveshafts from diesel variant.
Top speed approximately 230 km/h at 6500 rpm in fifth gear.

Öhlins Coil over racing competition shock absorbers and racing springs. Individual adjustments of rebound and compression plus ride-height.
Rubber bushings replaced with uniballs or nylon bushings in wishbones and front and rear subframes.
AP-brakes, four-piston calipers, 355 mm brake discs front.
Volvo S60T brakes rear.
Body shell:
Standard S60 shell equipped with an FIA-homologated ( Docs included) roll cage made of 25CrMo4 material. Built to strengthen the body shell and to absorb suspension forces. Reinforced suspension struts front and rear, plus a stabilizing cross bar in front. Weight reduced to approximately 1,250 kg, including liquids and 10 litres of fuel, excluding driver.
Interior: FIA-approved Sparco racing seat and three-inch six-point seat belts. Aim data acquisition system.
Modifications For the FSAQ Interprovincial Touring Car Championship.
Weight reduction including All glass replaced with Lexan except windshield, removal off all trim and components specific to the Swedish Touring Car Championship. Franke racing only raced this car for 2 seasons. It was on display at the family’s dealership in a perfectly dry and controlled environment. The was fired up on October 11 2022. Video link available.
Asking $34,900 CAD for car and listed spares.

Volvo S60 Challenge race Car

Double Touring Car Championship winning Volvo S60 Challenge race car. Factory built, only 40 units made worldwide.

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Published: May 13, 2023
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