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Racing.ca Team at Laguna Seca. The final weekend of 2015 Pirelli World Challenge Championship.

Friday, Sept 11 - Sunday, Sept 13, 2015. Monterey, CA

Weekend at Laguna Seca concluded the 2015 Pirelli World Challenge Championship. It was a great season for Racing.ca / LaptopScreen.com / Nixon Prosports team. The team ran three TCB machines in all six PWC events.
Four drivers were at the wheel: Glenn Nixon, Andrei Kisel, Wei Lu and Nic Duynstee. Every driver has been on the podium in 2015. Between four drivers in 18 races the team achived 23 podium finishes: 5 first place finishes, 13 seconds and 5 third places!

Glenn Nixon finished second in TCB championship!

Andrei Kisel finished third in TCB championship!

In recognition of our results and effort the team was voted by TCB competitors as 2015 TCB Crew of The Year -- a very special and coveted award!

The first of three race of the last weekend of the championship took place on Friday afternoon. In TCB, polesitter Andrei Kisel, of Vancouver, B.C., took the lead in class in the No. 57 Racing.ca/LaptopScreen.com MINI Cooper. Jordan, who had originally set the fastest time in qualifying was moved to the back of the grid, also due to a post-qualifying technical infraction. As competitors moved to complete the first lap of the race, a full-course yellow ensued when a number of cars made contact through Turn 3. After the dust settled, the No. 72 Honda Civic Si TCA entry of Emilee Tominovich lay wounded near turn 5.

On the lap 3 restart in TCB, Kisel kept the pace over teammate Glenn Nixon in the No. 58 LaptopScreen.com/ClubRacing.com/Nixon Prosports/HPD Honda Fit and Jay Salinsky in the No. 66 Honda Fit.

On lap 7, Nixon took the lead in TCB over Kisel.

Through lap 14 Nixon still led in TCB but a hard charging triumverate of Tom O'Gorman in the No. 94 Honda Fit, Jordan and Schwartz moved up into second, third, and fourth positions respectively, pushing Kisel back to fifth. Like Jordan, Schwartz had started from the back of the TCB grid due to a post-qualifying technical infraction.

On lap 16, Jordan would pass Nixon through turn 5.

At the end it was Jordan who would capture the checkered, followed by Nixon and O'Gorman.

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Racing.ca at Laguna Seca. 2015 Pirelli World Challenge Round 17. Andrei Kisel on board.

Second race of the last weekend of the championship took place in the afternoon with slight overcast and perfect track conditions. Andrei Kisel qualified second in his #57 LaptopScreen.com / Racing.ca Mini Cooper and was starting head-to-head against the #47 Mazda 2 piloted by Joey Jordan. Andrei got a good standing start and was leading the #47 Mazda 2 from the beginning of the race; however Joey Jordan made a pass mid-race and while Andrei was able to catch up to the competitor in the turns, the #47 Mazda 2 was inexplicably pulling away on the straights. Andrei finished the race in 2nd position. Glenn Nixon in his #58 Honda Fit was staying finished in 3rd place 3 seconds behind Andrei. Nic Duynstee delivered his #59 Mini Cooper to the finish line in 6th place, entangled in mid-pack battle and losing one spot from his qualifying’s 5th position.

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"Ou Inme" by ghostandthesong (soundcloud.com/ghostandthesong)


Racing.ca at Laguna Seca. 2015 Pirelli World Challenge Round 18. Nic Duynstee on board.

The final round of the 2015 Pirelli World Challenge championship - TC/TCA/TCB Round 18 took place in the morning hours of Sunday, 13th of September at the Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway in sunny California. Racing.ca team drivers were at the starting line-up with #58 Glenn Nixon on pole in his TCB Honda Fit; #57 Mini Cooper driven by Andrei Kisel started in 4th followed by #59 Mini Cooper of Nic Duynstee in 5th. As the green flag dropped for the standing start of this final race the #55 Mazda 2 driven by James Wilson and the #94 Honda Fit driven by Tom O’Gorman emerged ahead of the #57 & #59 in an exceptionally well timed burst of acceleration and proceeded to wreck havoc on the unsuspecting championship leader #25 Johan Swartz. #94 Honda Fit then quickly caught up with the race leader #58 Honda Fit piloted by Glenn Nixon; the two cars were battling side by side in-sync for an entire lap. With the newcomer #47 Joey Jordan, a surprisingly strong competitor entering so late in the championship, staying menacingly close behind, the #94 & #58 Hondas were forced to mercilessly over-drive their tires. Glenn Nixon managed to maintain his lead for the majority of the race, but by the second half of the race the #58 Honda Fit was noticeably drifting out of the corners on its overheated rubber, forcing its driver to lift-off to cool-down and allowing #94 Tom O’Gorman and #47 Joey Jordan to pass by. #59 Nic Duynstee who maintained a smooth line and a relatively unimpeded ride got a chance to go head-to-head and bumper-to-bumper against his teammate #58 Glenn Nixon. Through a series of corners and a few back-and-forth position changes, rookie driver #59 Nic Duynstee managed to get ahead of Glenn Nixon arriving in 3rd for his very first podium finish of the championship. #58 Glenn Nixon arrived in 4th and #57 Andrei Kisel trailed his teammates arriving closely behind in 5th.

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