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B-spec Mini Cooper build time lapse

A time lapse of all the effort and skill it takes to convert a Mini Cooper in to a B-spec race car. Compressed and edited for your viewing pleasure.


This MINI has some history now:

After almost a full season of club racing at the Mission Raceway Park, BC, Canada it was then raced by Andrei Kisel in the Pirelli World Challenge at the Sonoma Grand Prix in TCB class in August 2013.

May 2014 saw it crashed by Andrei at Mosport almost beyond repair, but it was successfully restored by Unlimited Autobody in Virgina: (Thanks Brian!)

The next race was at the Pirelli World Challenge historic Road America circuit, this time it was Glenn Nixon behind the wheel. He drove brilliantly, finished second in race one and first in race two! And that was Glenn's first ever weekend at PWC, although he is far from being new to racing, still these were great successes and a dream-come-true weekend for the entire team!

Glenn continued and scored three more podiums in as many weekends! You can find the onboard footage from those events here on our channel as well as here:

In 2015 this car is set to continue racing in the Pirelli Word Challenge under number 59 in TCB class by Wei Lu.


Mini Cooper B-spec racing car build time lapse

Still pictures were taken every 30 seconds, each fourth one was used to make a video sequence which in turn was speed up by 870% thus you can see over 100 hours of actual work flying by in just 4 minutes.

Conversion done by Nixon Prosports -
Car graphics by HiWire Creative -
Production by BSpecRacing -


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