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Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Announcing to everyone that new to Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area's all types of performance fuels, lubricants and "Track Tac" is now available. Hirev Racing is the only authorised dealer for a full selection of these products within an 8 hour drive or the USA. 26 different fuels are available in leaded or non-leaded and oxygenated from 98 octane for class regulated events to 123+ Pro Nitrous good for high revving 4000+ horsepower monster motors and truly pure 100% methanol. Quality exceeds all industry standards and outperforms other manufacturers. Every product is 100% guaranteed to be the same formula consistency to keep that perfect tune in all conditions plus it is 100% guaranteed to be fresh because orders are filed as they are placed not stored in hot warehouses like other manufacturers. There is a specific fuel for every type of demand from small engines, motor bikes, snow machines to hot rods, drag racing and circle track or all out turbo, nitrous, blower and super charger engines. There is even a special marine fuel for bass, water skiing or performance boats.

If you have a new engine then high quality break in oil is available with special friction modifiers and extra ZDDP "zinc" to properly lubricate a fresh engine when it's most vulnerable. For high stress, heavy duty or racing engines high quality racing oil is available in conventional or synthetic. Also available to keep the valves, rings and moving parts well lubricated there is top end lubricant that is added to fuel which promotes an ash less burn to reduce fouling and carboning. If any gassy fuel odour is an issue then use fuel scents that change the exhaust to a more pleasurable odour such as chocolate, berry, orange etc. which also doubles as a lubricant.

For all serious racers street or track the "Track Tac" or track glue is a must have because it molecularly bonds rubber to ash fault or concrete giving tires the best traction possible. It comes in a concentrated formula that allows it to be mixed as desired to create less or more traction based on track conditions. This is much more desirable over other manufacturers that have premixed products for the same price.

Fuels are available in 5-8 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums or by bulk to suit any demand and the lubricants are available by the litre or case. Treat your engine and take advantage of now being able to get good fuels for motor sports. All inquiries are welcome please contact Darren Mattalo at Hirev Racing (705) 949-8076 or [email protected] Willing to ship anywhere Canada or USA

Renegade Racing Fuel & Oil

President Toby Baptiste and Master distributor Tim Tyner speaking about how Renegade Fuels is higher quality and outperforms other brand name manufacturer fuels. 26 different fuels available plus all lubricants and “Track Tac” or track glue also known asVHT.

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Published: May 29, 2016
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