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BMW E60 M5 2010    $70,000     For Sale by Owner

Coquitlam , BC

I'm selling my 2010 BMW M5 with 48k miles. I acquired it after it had spent time in Illinois, California, and Vancouver BC. Under the hood, you'll find a powerful 5.0-liter V10 paired with a seven-speed SMG transmission. It boasts a sleek Silverstone Metallic exterior over black leather interior.

Standout Features:
19″ Style 166 wheels.
Adaptive xenon headlights.
iDrive with the latest infotainment system.
Navigation and a head-up display.
Heated and ventilated front seats.
Comfort Access keyless entry.
Dual-zone climate control.
Cruise control.
Active bolsters.
Heated steering wheel.

Freshly detailed and ceramic coated.
Recent oil change and oil analysis to ensure rod-bearing health.
Minor scratches on the left-rear panel.
Aging rear window seal.
New Battery.
Throttle actuators were inspected and confirmed in good working order.


A clean Carfax report verifying no accidents and detailing its history across North America.
Emissions test from April.

This is a collector-grade 2010 BMW M5, making it a rare find for enthusiasts. Given its specifications, it stands apart from earlier models, showcasing BMW's technical refinements throughout the E60 M5's lifespan. Please, I am open to offers for this vehicle. If you're interested or have any questions, please reach out to me. Serious inquiries only, please.; I'm looking for a fellow enthusiast who recognizes this M5's value. I'm not interested in market lessons. Considering the rarity of fully specced 2010 models in North America, this is a unique opportunity.

For your peace of mind, I can provide supporting documents along with a clean Carfax report which confirms no accidents and its history in Illinois, California, and Vancouver BC.

No Fake car report companies

To justify my asking, it is a 2010 car meaning
Version 1 (2006 to early 2007):

VANOS System:
Old VANOS pump (with suboptimal shim design and tensioners).
Old crank gear for VANOS pump.
Old VANOS line.
Old VANOS units.
Old VANOS solenoids (black body).

Bearings with type 88/89, known for poor material makeup.
Oil Pan:

Features only one drain plug.
Version 2 (January 2007-2008):

VANOS System:
Updated parts compared to Version 1.

Oil Pan:
Two drain plugs (introduced from build date 3/2007 onwards).

Version 3 (2009 to 2010):
Starting from 8/2008, which marked the beginning of the 2009 Model year M5.

VANOS System:
Contains all updated parts from Version 2.

Use of 702/703 bearings. Notably, several 2009 motors had these bearings upon inspection.
Cylinder Head Bolts:
Longer set bolts introduced in 5/08.
Old bolt size: M10x110.
New bolt size: M10x115.

Intake and exhaust valves were updated. These are the same valves used in the M3 S65 engine.
Part number changes are specific to engine numbers starting with 2xxxxxxx (from 8/08 onwards, marking the start of the 2009 model year M5).
Updated valve collets and upper spring plates to match the new valves.

Oil Pan Bolts:
Larger bolts were introduced in 1/08 to attach the upper oil pan to the main engine block for enhanced strength.
There are 12 of these bolts.
Old bolt size: M8x94.
New bolt size: M9x97.
These new bolts are shared with the M3 S65 engine.

Piston Cylinder Oil Jets:
An improved design for better lubrication

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Published: Nov 7, 2023
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