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2018 Radical SR3 RSX - 1340 -#1154    $98,000     For Sale by Owner

Bowmanville, ON

This Radical was added to our team in 2021. This car is very clean and has been maintained with no $$$ spared. Owner has raced this car in FEL ERCC in 2021 and 2022. FEL ERCC is currently the best series to run Radicals in canada.

Full maintenance history is available, which includes hourly record of work performed.
Graphics have been removed, white body.

New Engine beginning 2022 Season (NEW not rebuild -$20k) - currently has 20hrs on it - good for another 2-3 seasons depending on use
Sabelt Formula Harness exp2026

Data system updated to :
- Aim Formula steering wheel
- Life tire temp visible on steering wheel while driving
- added coolant pressure sensor
- added GDU oil temp sensor cooler in + cooler out

Package includes:
- Car cover
- CASC-OR Log Book
- 3sets of wheels total (1mounted on car 2 extra)
- quite exhaust
- loud exhaust
- service kit (wheel socket, data cable aim, data cable LIFE, charge cable)

Contact Steffen for more details
647 620 21 60

FEL ERCC 2022 Season Recap


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Published: Oct 20, 2022
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