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Radical SR8    $75,000     For Sale by Owner

Langley , BC

This is a car with a well known track record and previous owners, this is not a mystery car from the USA. It's very well sorted and ready to race. And 430hp in a 1400lb car, it's a whole new level of fun!

Sent to Radical in 2014 for a refresh so was a zero hour car in early 2015.
Roughly 16.5 hours of track time since then.
The car's mechanic is available to consult or to continue on working with you with the car if you're in the lower mainland.
Paddle shift, removable steering wheel
Air Jack System, 2 nitrogen air tanks, lance, all new
SmartyCam HD system option
Electrical fire suppression system option
Additional sensors for steering angle, brake circuit pressures, etc – data logged
One set of slightly used wheels, grey
2 sets of wheel nuts, one set new
Body returned to high gloss white and ready for graphics
New 2016/17 seat belts/harnesses, chassis SCCA certified
Radical alignment system, new
MK Technologies A frame lift system with servicing table, Longachres 4 corner scales, all new
Beam-type (non-zero to store) ¾” torque wrench and 70mm socket, new
And more goodies!

If this is still up, it's still for sale. Car is stored in Langley.
No it is not street legal. ;)

22' Race trailer available with purchase for $8000

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Published: Sep 10, 2019
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