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Porsche 911 Turbo 600hp    $44,900     Sold

Vancouver , BC

Want the perfect Vancouver to Whistler rocket sled? This is it.
Selling my Porsche 911 Turbo with about 600hp and race suspension. Basically it's a Nissan GTR or Corvette Z06 fighter for the fraction of the price of a new 911.

First the bad.
- It has high mileage (around 185k kms) and is a US import (not a rebuild, clean title). If you want it for anything other than being a stupidly fast canyon carver or track day car, spend $20k more on one with less miles, or look for a non-turbo. Still, I have no hesitation taking this on a rip through the Duffy lake loop without anything but gas.

Now the awesome... about $30,000 in mods!
- On max tune it should make 700hp (according to the builder). However, I like being alive so have kept it at the current tune of close to 600hp. Note that the stock 996 turbo was 425hp and still hit over 300kph. This will hit that and keep pulling. Trust me.
- GT2 front nose, aero and rear wing.
- Superleggera black rims. Very light like the name implies.
- extra set of rear tires to replace the current ones.
- GT2 Hydraulic clutch conversion w Sachs clutch and pressure plate (6spd manual of course) You can rip through gears all day without getting it bothered in the least.
- AMS Performance Billet K16 Turbocharger package with high boost kit.
- Wavetrac Limited Slip Diff
- KW Varient 3 Coil Over Suspension
- Agency Power Exhaust. It's loud, it's angry, it sounds like a WW2 fighter plane with a grudge.
- Plastidip paint job, that's seen 8 days of sunshine since it went on. If you don't like it, you can peel it off and go back to black
- Tasteful carbon fiber wrap in a few key interior spots
- Aftermarket Pioneer stereo system
- Sunroof.
- It's held it's value totally and the 996 easily is the best bang for the buck in a Porsche 911. This has not dropped a penny in value since I bought it 2.5 years ago.
- Lots of little additions that I've forgotten about.

I really do love and respect this car... but I have a new one in my sights and this now needs a new owner. Only trades considered would be for something like an F350 drw for hauling a race trailer.

Published: Jul 14, 2017
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