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Panoz Esperante GT-RO    $27,500     For Sale by Owner

West Vancouver, BC

Up for sale is a Panoz Esperante GT-RO (not an 'RA' school car) tube frame GT race car, that is purpose built for one thing ... to be fast on a race track. This car is powered with a FORD 5.0 (302) V8 & T-5 manual trans. The engine was recently torn down and rebuilt with new heads (valves & rockers), big cam, fuel delivery (MAF, TB, intake and injectors), ignition (distributor, coil & wires) and a new ECU added. The exhaust system is new from the headers back. The suspension is fully adjustable coilover with sway bars front and rear, and the brakes are race grade hats & removable rotors with Brembo callipers all round. The car comes complete with 2x sets of wheels (17" BBS from Panoz & 18" Advanti). In place of a rear view mirror is a LCD display are rearward camera. The car was 'wrapped' in matt black which has been removed to expose the white fibreglass, so it can be painted or wrapped. Please note that the Trackmate, Data display and cool shirt box are NOT included.


Team BDR Motorsports, Panoz GTRA @ Moroso

Here is an example of a Panoz GT-RA in action at Moroso with Team BDR. Plz note that the RA is a 'school car' and uses a 'stock' 5.0 V8 rated at 250/HP. The engine in this GT-RO is pushing 350-375/HP.

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Published: Dec 30, 2016
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