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2006 Mazda Rx8    $9,500     For Sale by Owner

Edmonton, AB

Well, after some back and forth on the subject, I've decided to put my Rx8 up for sale. I love this car to death and would normally never sell it, but I've decided to start dabbling in road racing next year and have decided to get something I can crash without breaking both my heart and my disturbingly empty wallet.

Anyway, the car is a 2006 6MT with 86xxx kms on it, the engine and catalytic converter were replaced with new units at 60,000 kms back in the summer of 2014, and have been running strong since. The new engine has always been treated to premixed fuel, and a Sohn adapter has been installed since the spring of 2015. Mostly the car has been used for Solo1, lapping and autocross. It would make a great road race car if you completed the cage, or you could even cut holes in the back seats to accommodate the roll bar and run STX in autocross (currently runs FP).

Everything the car has done to it:

-KW V3 coilovers (about 25k kms old)
-245/40 Bridgestone RE-71R's (about 70% tread) on 17" TR Motorsports wheels
-Sohn OMP adapter using smokeless 2-stroke oil (a widely acknowledged must for a reliable rotary)
-Battery relocation to trunk w/ kill switch
-Roll bar custom built and installed to SCCA specs by Jim Barnsley, a very experienced cage builder. The bar has passed tech at Knox Mountain hillclimb and will have no problem passing tech for any time attack event. It is welded in.
-5 point HANS friendly harness, Re-certed this spring
-Poly engine mounts
-Sway bar endlinks new this spring
-New spark plugs earlier this month
-Ignition coils replaced in spring of 2015
-Older OMP race seat (a few tears here and there), fits up to about a 34" waist. It is not on sliders, since if you're taller than 5' 11" your helmet touches the roof with sliders installed. Also have the stock seat to go with the car if you don't fit this one.
-Custom moulded steering wheel upholstered with Alcantara, very comfortable and provides good grip.
-EBC Yellowstuff pads (getting a bit thin, but there's still some life in them) and slotted rotors providing an extra 10 HP.

Stuff that comes with the car:

-All the original interior bits
-Stock front struts and springs
-Set of stock 18" Mazdaspeed wheels with 225/45 Bridgestone RE-11's (75% tread)
-Set of Porterfield R4 brake pads and stock rotors (both nearly new)
and a few other little odds and ends.

The car does have a few minor problems, although it's never been winter driven there's some rust in the rear wheel wells (good old Mazda steel... the undercarriage is quite rust free fortunately), there's an intermittent CEL for an elusive evap leak, and I broke one of the clips on the airbag when I replaced the steering wheel so the airbag light sometimes comes on. There is also a crack in the drivers side of the windshield.

Overall though, this is a great car to drive, very forgiving, responsive and has tons of grip with the RE-71R's. The smaller than stock wheels give it slightly more favourable gearing as well.

Asking 9500$ for the whole thing, reasonable offers will be considered, but I don't want to go very far below the asking price. I may also consider trades+cash for a turnkey or nearly turnkey touring car of lesser value.

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Published: Aug 30, 2016
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