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2004 VW R32 Open Class Rally Car    $20,000     Sold

in Orillia, ON

2004 VW R32 Open Class rally car

Built by Hot Bits North America/ Tuned by Fourstar Motorsports
Could win Targa Open in the right hands - especially if it rains :-)

Engine is a built AWP 1.8T:
- Pauder rods
- JE pistons
- SEM intake manifold with 80mm throttle body
- custom exhaust manifold and Tial/Garrett Turbo
- PWR aluminum rad and water-to-oil cooler
- 24 x 12 front mount intercooler
- TEC3 stand-alone engine mgt. Currently tuned with 34mm restrictor on 450cc injectors for Pro Mark II race fuel
- break-in miles only on recent rebuild/refresh: rings, bearings, oil pump, water pump, timing belt, new head studs and 750cc injectors with restrictor removed.

- 2004 R32 with Audi TT euro 5 speed with VW motorsport shifter
- Peloquin LSD front and rear.
- SQS manual haldex controller with handbrake disconnect.
- 20th Anniversary front brakes and OE R32 rear for tarmac.
- brakes fit min 17" wheel
- Full braided Teflon lines with Wilwood bias-adjustable balance bar pedal set
- Hydraulic handbrake

Body etc
- seam welded, Custom Cages FIA/MSA T45 cage, fully-tied to body
- HotBits DT2 race spec dampers installed with front camber plates
- MK4 standard control arms, tie rods and ball joints. Not hard to find R32.
- Central electrical – fuses and relays
- custom dash with electronic(analogue) display with recall
- 80L fuel cell with internal fuel pump
- High speed handcrank fill system at hatch (Jiffy Tite AN12 sealed motorsport connectors for fuel-fill and venting - no drips, no fumes, no heavy gas cans, no funnels, very fast and very safe - approved by CARS)
- Corbeau FIA-approved Carbon Kevlar seats
- Beltenick FIA belts (expired in 2015)

Comes in tarmac spec with 4 matching 17" rims (plus one non-matching spare in trunk same size), used tarmac rally tires, fuel can with hand-crank pump system (Jiffy Tite), and a fresh dyno tune on pump fuel.

Options that can be discussed:
- full gravel package: Hot Bits RSi (inverted) suspension, AP gravel brakes, spindles, tie rods etc.
- tune for race fuel


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