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97 Van Diemen Honda F1600 for sale    $34,500     For Sale by Owner

Montreal , QC

Hewland LD 200 gearbox
2-way Penske shocks
Brake balance bias knob in cockpit
Adjustable front sway bar control in cockpit
2023 Improvements: (“new” meaning 5 week-ends or less)
New AIM-MXm dash logger
New Lifeline fire system (bottle, tubes, nozzles, cable, handle)
New TRS belts good through end 2028
New battery
New brake floating rotors and bolts
Rebuilt front brake master cylinder
New front sway bar rotating blade (to be installed)
New throttle line
New gearbox cover nuts and studs
New slipping rod and U-joint for gear linkage

Also included:
Set of 21 gears in total + 4 clutch rings + 1 extra spacer layshaft tail
Set of 7 Hyperco spring pairs in total
11 Panasport wheels in total
New extra wishbones: Left Rear lower & upper, Right Rear lower (2) & upper
1 extra nose + 1 extra front body cover
Fiberglass seat (for drivers below 5ft8in)
9 used Toyo Proxes R888R tires (of which 2 rears with only 2 heat cycles) and 7 used R888
Miscellaneous extra parts: Sway bar cockpit control; Bleeder screws; Centerlock wheel nut; Rod end.

The car suits mostly drivers up to 5ft10in tall. Shifter has been moved forward to allow for longer arms.

Canadian $34,500 (or US$ equivalent i.e around US $25,000 as of today)

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Published: Jan 22, 2024
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