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2 Stohrs, 2 Formula Mazdas, and 2 Radicals    $1     For Sale by Owner

Park Lane Circle Toronto , ON

My wife is an endodontist and I was assembling a fleet of cars for her referring dentists for track days. With my consulting work I havent been able to get out for a single day. All of the vehicles are prestine. I searched out and bought vehicles that wouldnt give me a headache as I really have no idea how to fix them. I can drive and pay for them. Thats the extent of my expertise.

2013 Radical SR3 RS Engine minimal hours nearly new almost everything. Has a Radio, oil heater, 3 sets of wheels, and other accessories. The vehicle is fully serviced by Stephan Rilli. Owned and operated by Blair. I paid 70,000 plus parts. CDN

2014 SR1 Owned and operated by Myles. Serviced fully by Radical- Brand new wrap by Summit. I paid 44000.00 CDN
I own tonnes of spares I paid 50,000.00 for including engines.
2 Storhs One is a Suzuki Engine the other BMW 1000. One was owned and operated by Aaron Hill the other Greg Bell. Both vehicles fully inspected and prepped by Simply Fast max. I have 110,000 CDN into them with the spares.

I have two Formula Mazdas fully serviced by Nigel Mortimer Mortimer Racing. I have 45,000 CDN in both vehicles.

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Published: Mar 8, 2023
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