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Van Diemen Formula Continental-2006    $56,500     For Sale by Owner

Squamish , BC

FC Zetec-complete racing outfit
Car / trailer / spares/ set up equipment
2006 Van Diemen #3801
Ready to Race, much work done since purchase to sort this car out:
Refit engine gearbox with new hardware ,machine bellhousing true.
New flywheel
New clutch disc
New pressure plate
New clutch slave cylinder seals, shim clearance
New throw out bearing
Set up clutch slave cylinder travel
Reset gearbox shift forks
Set final drive clearance
Straighten / service steering rack
heli coil repair all uprights
Shift linkage repair / set up
Drivers drink system tank with pump
Full steel floor panels (ballast) for 170 lb. driver
-100 db muffler
Set up started to flywheel clearance
Starter heat shield
Strong sealed Quicksliver Zetec race engine
Three sets OZ racing wheels 6"-8"
Extra Citation style front wing/ shock cover
Dynamic dampers
Good rain tires
Belt good through 2025 (SCCA)
Transport wheels
Quick jack for rear
Low profile hydraulic jack for front
Spare started motor
Wishbone spares:
R&L front lower wishbones
2x front pushrods
1x rear upper wishbone
3x Left rear lower wishbone
Gear ratios:
15-30 (2x)
17-28 (3x)
24-26 (4x)
spare dog ring
Gearbox dummy shaft
Wooden storage box
Braile lightweight battery with charger (total loss system w/o alternator)
Aim EVO 4S with GS dash
Smarty GP Camera
Alignment bars
Camber gauge
Set up / scale platform- New
4 electronic scales- New

2017 Carry on,'16 foot enclosed trailer tandem axle
Electric brakes
Electric winch
Interior lights
Work bench
Tire racks
Compressed air tank
2 spare trailer tires
10x10 awning

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Published: Sep 4, 2022
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