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1991 Mazda Miata Special Edition - 37,000 kms    $23,500     For Sale by Owner

Calgary , AB

I'm probably going to regret this, however I'm toying with the idea of selling my beloved Miata.

Looking to sell it as a whole package, if it doesn't sell as a whole I'll probably be keeping the car.

It would be perfect for somebody that wants to Autocross the car or just to keep as an insanely fun street car.
The whole setup is dialed to 100% the handling performance and fun factor of driving this car is amazing, you can't help but smile when you drive it!
The suspension is setup for the car to have very neutral handling with a touch of over-steer on demand.

It has been very well maintained all the fluids in the car are either new or close to new, there are zero mechanical issues and it drives better than it did when it left the showroom in 1991.

No expense has been spared in the build, all the parts are of fantastic quality and perform very well.
I'll brake down some of the value added items on the car below along with a rough dollar value:

- OEM hardtop with glass window ($1,500)
- Xida Race Coilovers (These ran me $3,000 CAD by the time shipping and duties were paid) these ride almost better than stock on the softest setting and are an absolute weapon on the stiffer settings, arguably the best suspension you can buy for the Miata
- Racing Beat hollow swaybar, brace, mounting point reinforcement and adjustable links ($300)
- Konig Hexaform bronze 15X7.5 wheels with Falken RT660's still have 85% tread ($1,500)
- 2nd set of bronze Konig Hexaform 15X7.5 with Kumho summer tires, brand new last year 99% tread ($1,200)
- Jackson Racing cold ram intake ($550) sounds absolutely amazing, noticeable power gain and you never gets intake heat soak
- Roadster Sport 4 catback exhaust ($1,000) This is the best exhaust I've heard on an NA or NB Miata nice deep growl, awesome sound fitting of a classic roadster, this exhaust features a Helmholtz chamber so drone on the highway is minimal
- Magnaflow catalytic converter ($500)
- Extended ball joints ($200)
- Kirkey bucket seat ($500)
- The car also comes with ALL the stock parts, thick file worth of receipts, a tonneau cover for the convertible top as well as another one for the interior.
- Stock header hand ported and reinforce welded from the outside, also comes with a Jackson Racing Header ($400)

The car was also single stage polished and ceramic coated last year, the paint looks awesome.
Went with a single stage because didn't want to get too aggressive to maintain the paint as original as possible.

Looking to get $25,000 for everything or $23,500 without the hard top.
Did I mention it only has 37,000 kms?

Thank you for looking!

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Published: Sep 8, 2022
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