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1988 Van Diemen RF88 for sale    $8,000     Sold

11727 Kingsway NW, Edmonton , AB

Bought from the factory as a two year old in 1990. Flew it over and was racing that weekend. Too old and never enough money to thrive, but we did okay. Then the babies started coming, and money was even tighter. Never competed in more that half the races in a season. Her last race was in 1998 finishing 2nd. 1999 brought the divorce. I had been hanging on for the last couple of decades thinking that one of the boys might be interested, but now at 27 and 29, we'll stick to indoor karts. Obviously sitting for 22 years she'll need some TLC. I had her on display during the Champ and Indy Car races, so a few pieces seemed to disappear, notably one of the side view mirrors. I noticed today that the starter is in the cockpit, I don't recall doing that, but who knows? There's unused engine cowling and both side cowlings.
It has been indoors, but I am losing that warehouse space, and don't really have anywhere to put her. Has to be gone by the end of March. I will accept $8000 now, or best offer by March 15th. I once rented her out when I was in an off year, and didn't realize until the following year that my spare gear sets had disappeared, so none of those. I will throw in what stuff I do have, brake pads, rod ends, zues fasteners, a few other odds and ends. Hope she finds a good home and comes out of retirement.

Published: Feb 23, 2021
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