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RF85 Van Diemen Formula Ford + Kent/ 2.0 parts + more!!         For Sale by Owner

Ste-Sophie, QC , QC

Up for sale is a 1985 f1600 Formula Ford tha t i have had i the corner of the shop for ages... This car was mostly run up till the late 1990's and was taken apart for a rebuild around 2003 to upgrade front engine mount issues and give it a ground up revamp but just got too busy and it's been sitting around since. This car has great history, logs from when it was run by Canadian Forces Dr. Frank Garand and will make a great modern era classic formula ford race car with proper rebuild. The car is what i would call a basket case but all major parts are there but will need going through! I have 2 VanDiemen oil pans (stressed) to make 2 engines for the car. I also have a BUNCH of Kent 1600 parts from 681, 691, 711, 771 engines, 4 ported cast iron heads from my old ff1600 race engines, bare and prepped intakes, cranks, rods, and more for sure! No wheels or exhaust though. I also have a complete setup pads with REBCO scales to go with. I also have some f2000 engine parts: bare unraced Pinto bloc, rods, crank, drysump pan, flywheel for 7.25 clutch etc
I am sure i have more stuff!!

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Published: Nov 19, 2020
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