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Rare #20 of 100 VOI 10 Edit. Viper SRT10, Low KM    $99,900     For Sale by Owner

Duncan , BC

This is the ultra-rare VOI 10 Edition Viper with very low mileage and only 2 owners. The VOI 10 Vipers were produced to commemorate the Viper Owner Invitational's 10th event. 100 cars were scheduled for production, but due to issues with parts and suppliers, only 79 VOI 10 cars made it off the assembly line. This car is Serial No. #020 of the 100 intended VOI 10 cars produced. The VOI 10 Edition is the only gen 4 car to come in "Bright Silver" with Black "Fang" stripes. They also included the ACR's lightweight Stoptech braking package and painted Sidewinder wheels. The optional navigation system also came standard on the VOI 10 Edition.

This was the rarest gen 4 edition behind the Special Edition ACR, Vooodoo and Final Edition cars. With it's exclusive paint and stripe combination, paired with some of the ACR's performance and aesthetics, this is a highly desirable collector's vehicle, one of which can be proudly displayed and enjoyed responsibly.

The car includes the VOI 10 Edition car cover, as well as the original ram air intake and instrument bezel with VOI 10 Badge.

I am helping my friend sell the car, am happy to answer all questions, and will only direct serious buyers to the seller.

$99,900 Cad/ $75,000 USD

Thank you for your interest.


*UPDATED Disclaimer* I was told by the owner that the dealership who sold him the car, said it had a clean title. I decided to check the Carfax and have discovered the car does have a $12,659.05 claim on the left-front in May 2011, followed by a $1,636.56 claim on the left-side in May 2015.

I deeply apologize for the miss-information. I should not have trusted word of mouth and checked the Carfax myself.. Live and learn.. Will not make this mistake again. I value transparency and honesty, no matter the cost.. Reputation & character is everything..

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Published: Feb 11, 2021
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