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1999 Honda Civic DX hatchback Chumpcar Racecar    $3,000     Sold

Toronto, ON , ON

My friends and I spent several months preparing this 1999 Civic Dx to race in the Chumpcar series, although the car could be used in a number of other racing events Like CASC or SCCA or even converted to a rally car or ice racing car. We took it out to a local race track (Cayuga) one time for testing and had a lot of fun with it. However everyone’s priorities in life have changed and we simply no longer have the time to continue chasing this dream. This Civic generation is perfectly suited for racing series like Chumpcar because it’s so affordable, cheap to fix, used parts are easy to find and there are lots of aftermarket performance parts.

In order the meet the Chumpcar series requirements, we installed a:
roll cage professionally installed by Bicknell Racing ($1,790)
Power disconnect switch ($30)
2L fire suppression system (inside the car and under the hood; $900)
Sparco racing seat ($500)
SPI Pro 6-point seat belt harness ($150)
Momo steering wheel / NRG quick release adapter ($450)
Plexiglass on passenger door and side rear windows ($120)
Driver side glass was removed and replaced with a window net safety kit ($90)
new tires 205/50R15 Nankang NS2s and 15” 5 spoke rims ($800) + Stock Rims

A number of items were also recently fixed:
new fuel lines ($150)
new brake lines ($150)
New front rotors - StopTech Sport Slotted ($200)
new brake pads - hawk pads ($150)

We took the car to the Cayuga racetrack in the fall of 2019 and it ran very well. The engine runs nice and strong. However the car has not been used since and developed a couple of minor issues that need to be addressed.

The alternator is seized
The master brake cylinder needs to be replaced
The battery needs to be replaced
There is a patch of rust below the gas cap

Over $5,000 was invested into the car plus the $1000 car itself. This is an excellent base to start a race car and a B16 or K20 swap is very easy. The majority of preparation has been done and the car is ready to go to it’s new project owners.

Please email, call or text me at 416-892-2471 if you have any questions.


Published: Oct 5, 2020
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