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BMW E46 Race / Track Car    $17,500     For Sale by Owner

BMWCCA class DM (logbook), CASC GT3, NASA GTS or ST, SCCA ST
$17,500 CDN $14,000 US.
Full race conversion from my streetable track car. Has BMWCCA logbook – tracked (testing) since conversion but not raced. Great handling car. $40K, plus donor car, expended re. track/race mods. Can facilitate U.S. importation – 8703.23.01.90 2.5% duty.
Call 416-301-2415
Mods include (invoices and build/set-up notes available):

Full cage and reinforcement (Ron O’Brien); Fire suppression system;
Suitable for BMW M3 S54 engine swap, if desired;
Lightened significantly ~ 2400 lb (removed all excess interior metal (rear bulkhead removed, gutted rear quarter panels, doors, etc), wiring, chassis/engine components);
Driver seat & extended length short shifter - moved inboard and back (incl. relieved transmission tunnel);
Adjustable driver seat and steering column length/elevation (easily accommodates different size drivers if sharing/renting);
Tilton pedals/masters; Brake bias valve, stainless lines;
Rack (3.2 turns lock-lock), and steering pump, upgraded;
OMP (driver) and Sparco (removable, passenger) race seats;
5 point harnesses; Quick release steering wheel; Window and centre nets;
Completely stripped out, painted, interior; Clean in/outside;
Lexan rear and quarter windows;
Dash board reduction, custom electrics panel and switches, windscreen blower;
Bumpers reinforced, and tow hooks;
Aluminum side skirts and underpanels, with side insertable jack points.

Lowered & corner balanced;
Solid bushings throughout;
JRZ 2 way adjustable shocks front/rear;
Eibach Springs front (coilover) & rear, front/rear ride height adjustable;
Front adjustable camber/caster plates;
Bump steer adjustable compensation;
Adjustable rear (toe) lower control arms ; Adjustable sway bar links front/rear;
Suspension currently set up for Mosport;

2800cc M52TU engine, very good condition, excess accessories stripped; added gauges; MS42 tuned DME;
Ram cold air intake;
40% underdrive accessory drive pulley;
Light weight flywheel; Race clutch; OEM 5 speed manual transmission;
3.91 custom built 80/20 limited slip differential (plus OEM diff);
Aluminum, ducted, race radiator, and race fan;
KVR slotted discs, Performance Friction race pads;
Wheels 17” - 3 sets; Race wheel-studs;
245x40x17 tires Hankook C51 Rcomp and Firehawk Indy 500; Can fit 275x35x17.

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Published: Jul 31, 2019
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