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Supercharged SVT Ford Focus    $3,500     For Sale by Owner

Clean, relatively rust free chassis to build a sweet Champcar, 24 hours of Lemons or other race car.

Car is an SVT ford focus with a Jackson Racing m45 supercharger kit.

Otherwise is a stock 2002 SVT.

The good. New front Struts and control arms.
Runs well. Produces 5-6 lbs boost as it should and is supposed to make 210 horsepower. Big boost pulley raises boost and power to 230.
SVT Focus Parts car available. (see Photo) Ran when parked, but I took a few parts off (Coil, MAF, cam solenoid) as I was trying to solve an issue on the supercharged car. (see below)
Spare set of wheels. (3 sets in total) with road tires only in decent shape. Good for practice.
Very Clean Chassis.

The Bad:
scratches in paint,
broken windshield.
No radio (you won't need it)
Condition of brakes is not suitable for racing. Needs new Pads and rotors. Calipers are good.
The slightest hesitation at a certain throttle position. Not there if you put your foot down. Only present when in half throttle position. Suspect TPS. In process of changing. I will update.
Could possibly use some dyno time to maximize horsepower.

The car is not prepped for racing in anyway, i.e. no cage or fire supression.
It is a 450 point car in Champcar, plus 100points for the supercharger making a 550point car.

Cage it and go racing. I suspect it will be a competitive car.

Alternatively sell the supercharger and run it without (use the intake from the parts car) This supercharger seems sought after in the SVT Focus community.

Thanks for your interest.

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Published: Oct 1, 2018
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