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1988 merkur xr4ti    $2,000     Sold

Val-des-monts , QC

I need to sell my project due to a wrong timing with the studies and all my other projects...
The car is a 1988 Merkur xr4ti with approximately 220000km the car is completely strip I have all the interior but it's not in good condition... The body is a little rough on one side but overall it's pretty good. I just finished to restore the floor. The car still have its liscence.

As for now the engine is out of the car. I was planning to do a rebuild but I'm crurently working on another project. The car was running find before i took the engine out except for some intermitent bug on the gauge or the windows. The car needs time!

I can gladly give more information if asked!
[email protected]

Published: Nov 12, 2020
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