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2011 Ford Fiesta    $12,000     Reported as sold

2011 Ford Fiesta
8000 KM
-B-Spec updated to current rules
-3 sets of wheels
-1 set of Pirelli rain tires
-1 set Pirelli slicks
-1 extra set of wheels
-belts good till 2020
-extinguisher good for 1 more year

Only ever used for competition/track days car maintained to the highest levels changed fluids after every session only using Motul products. Rock solid never any issues car is setup well and carries very good corner speeds very good reviews from other drivers who also tried the car. Very cheap to operate tires are 15” and inexpensive brake rotors are 60 dollars a set.

Car qualified 2nd OVERALL in multi class field last year in the rain

Mission: 1:23.0 in good conditions
The Ridge: 2:03 probably could be better was off and on rain
Area 27: 2:35.0
Island Motorsports Park: 1:32




Island motorsports park May 27th 2017


Area27 April 3rd Ford Fiesta

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Published: Mar 27, 2019
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