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engine is basic stock with a few add on, stock engine, never been opened. no issue, works great, milage is 150k km, cd009 transmission in 2021, stage 3 6 punk clutch knetix intake manifold 75 mm big throttle body 3inch cold air intake isr longtube header tomei cat back titinuim single exit exhaust soild engine mount,transmission mount, diff mount, and most suspension bushing all light weight pulley wheell tuned by whitehead performance, dyno at255whp baffled oil pan, kazz 1.5way lsd with z1 lsd cover bc br suspension aftermarket adjust front component brambo brake with hawk dtc70 pad brake cooling duct work aero battle aero front spliter and chasis mount rear wing side skirt ac delete, strip everything possible to be light car weight around 2950lb with 1/3 gas ,no driver, aggressive track camber been corner weight banlanced i got the car in late 2021, drive on street in summer in 2022, turn it into race car in 2022, i take it to track for around 25-30 track days to today. any running 350z worth 10k all the part list above worth 25k+ plus the labour around 10k to put it on the car, my loss is your gain, im upgrading to radical car great for some one wish to drift 350z or want put a superchager on 350z for race, i did everything else for u.\ text me 647-463-6688 for fast response.
For Sale in vaughan, ON
May 30, 2023
CHASSIS: 2620 Lbs. with motor, no driver, have title -square tube chassis/aluminum interior 8:50 Certified, belts current -Hoosier fronts & rear (25 passes), Weld wheels -Global West upper & lower control arms, Moser 12 bolt, 40 spline axles, 3.90 Pro Gear -QA1 front SA coil over, Koni SA rear, Wilwood brakes & master -Glass front, doors, rear lid. Lexan side windows -Racepak Sportsman/ USM 4 port module, oil, gas, vacuum, driveshaft, RPM -Innovate LC-2 A/F -MSD 7531 Digital 7, crank trigger -Speedwire complete electrical system & control panel -Dedenbear Delay Box, Precision Performance Shift with CO2 shift -Pontic front plate, T400 dual pattern mid plate -Killer Racing T400, rev manual, lineloc, brake, Ultra-Bell, SFI Blanket, Mallory 250 pump MOTOR: 539 IA2 Iron block (machined/prepped/assembled Forest&Forest Racing 727 HP on chassis Dyno) 10 passes on motor, 9.40 ¼, 6.0 1/8, not dialed in -new Molnar forged 4.5 crank, forged 6.8 rods, Ross pistons 13.5 compression -LSM Cam 304/282 dur. ,809/.776 lift -ported Victor, 1050 Shaker Tuned Dominator -SD Performance 350 CFM heads, PAC springs, 1.65 Crower Shaft Rockers -MSD Distributer, Stainless 1 7/8” headers, Meziere water pump/ alum rad, Powermaster race alternator -Star Vacuum Pump and catch can, Accusump (not installed), engine Diaper.
For Sale in Guelph, ON
May 29, 2023


For Sale in Chateauguay, QC May 31, 2023
Spec E46 New Build $63,500
For Sale in Edmonton, AB May 30, 2023
2015 Ford fiesta st $25,000
For Sale in Thorold Ontario May 30, 2023
2002 Honda Civic SIR K24a2 powered! $15,000
For Sale in Winnipeg, MB May 30, 2023
Panoz GTS Road Race Car – Roller $30,000
For Sale in 152 Woodridge Drive, Petersburg, ON May 30, 2023
1979 BMW 320i $9,900
For Sale in Maple Ridge, BC May 29, 2023
2012 Wolf GB 08 CN, Turbo/436 WHP $69,000
For Sale in Laval , Quebec, QC May 28, 2023
Camaro 1984 $30,000
For Sale in Timmins , ON May 24, 2023
Road Race TA2 Chassis $75,000
For Sale in Halifax , NS May 24, 2023
2000 Subaru impreza Rally Car CRC $18,000
For Sale in Nicolet, QC May 21, 2023
Lightning Sprint WMR 2015 $14,600
For Sale in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC May 18, 2023
2008 BMW M3 E92 $39,000 Sold
For Sale in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC May 16, 2023
vandemen rf83 vintage11500 $11,500
For Sale in 410 de la montagne rigaud, QC May 11, 2023
Schroth SHR Flex $350
For Sale in Plattsville, ON May 22, 2023
Leaf Classic Elite Suit $900
For Sale in Plattsville, ON May 22, 2023
1997 Kenworth Finished Camper and Trailer, No Need Class 1 $66,000
For Sale in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC May 18, 2023
For Sale in STE ADELE CANADA, QC May 12, 2023
Intercomp Racing Scales/Set-up kit $2,000
For Sale in Richmond Hill Apr 23, 2023
2023 Specialized Turbo Levo Comp $7,000
For Sale in Davie St, Vancouver, BC Apr 15, 2023
For Sale in OTTAWA, ON Apr 13, 2023
Pace American ShadowGT 8.5x40 $39,000 Sold
For Sale in Québec, QC Apr 8, 2023
Alpinestars Gp tech v3 suit $2,200
For Sale in Vaudreuil , QC Mar 30, 2023
2008 Fleetwood Discovery 40E $109,000
For Sale in Thunder Bay, ON Mar 30, 2023