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Racing Piping Inc

Racing Piping Inc. is a Distributor of Stainless, aluminum and mild steel fabrication components; but it does not end there: we are carrying most of the hardware you may require to complete your project. The company opened in october 2008 after its owner realizing how complicated and sometimes time consuming, it could become to find and purchase high quality performance parts. As the company grows, you will get to see a lot of flanges, tubes, elbows, vaccum fittings and silicones, turbos and most of what relates to installing one. We are constantly adding new products to suit the needs of our always growing clientele, so check back often!


Racing Piping Inc. is a wholesale distributor. In order to respect agreements made with some of the companies we deal with, you are required to register in order to see online prices on the items we offer. Registering has its benefits: with our 'Best Price policy', you can be sure we will match and beat prices from our competitors, if it's not already the case. Racing Piping Inc. does not wish to compete against its local professional customers, therefore, if you are local, you will be referred to the nearest shop/store for your purchase. Registering does not necessarily allow you to make purchases, but it is the first step towards that goal!








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