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2002 Subaru WRX Open class 4wd (2007 body)    $180,000     For Sale by Owner

Calgary, AB

Open 4wd rally car for sale:

2002 Wrx chassis, Un-molested build from scratch.

2007 ( Hawkeye body):

- Custom cages Subaru Impreza Step 3 international spec Roll-cage made from lightweight T45 steel ( saves about 40lbs compared to mild steel)

- Seam welded chassis

- Door sill mounts/tubes for stands

- Carbon fiber hood scoop

- Carbon fiber hood vents

- Carbon fiber roof scoop

- Carbon fiber rear seat upper tray

- Custom aluminum rear seat/trunk divider (firewall)

⁃ Rear aluminum bumper tray

⁃ Bumper cut out in rear

⁃ 4 tow cables located on front and rear corners of the car

⁃ Attachment points for 2 spares on rear seat

⁃ thick aluminum front sump guard

⁃ Kevlar under-body protection

⁃ Aluminum fuel tank guards

⁃ Custom removable front crash bar/bumper bar

⁃ Custom lighter weight U-Frame


- Custom 2.34L engine. De-Stroke 2.5L from Outfront Motor-sports build with internals to hold 500-600hp. Heads are 2 L with chambers CNC machined to match the 2.5L block; upgraded springs and valves.

- Cosworth intake manifold ( rotated-throttle body facing the front of car)

- Huge front mount inter-cooler

- Custom light weight slanted radiator

⁃ AN oil lines all around, custom bypass, Catch can setup.

⁃ ID1050x injectors

⁃ Electronic Drive by wire throttle

⁃ 12L inter-cooler sprayer in trunk

⁃ Comp turbo, custom turbo (grease driven) Rotated and mounted flat to feed air directly through the hood scoop into air filter that sits on top of the turbo

⁃ Custom oil cooler mounted on top of engine to get fed air from hood scoop

⁃ Custom exhaust front to back with T clamps for easy removal , center exit in rear

⁃ Tial external waste-gate

- Tial Blow off valve

⁃ Nameless performance catalytic converter located at the end of the exhaust for easy removal and replace with T Clamps


⁃ Kaps 6 speed sequential

⁃ Front Cusco LSD

⁃ Rear Cusco LSD

⁃ New OEM Dccd center diff

⁃ Safety wire through diff bolts

⁃ Kaps sequential shifter/strain gauge and gear display

⁃ Exedy twin disc clutch and Flywheel

⁃ Driveshaft shop 800hp rear axles

⁃ Female front axles ( no mess removing and replacing them)

⁃ 3 Inch ARP high tension wheel studs 12x1.5


⁃ Link Fury Ecu

⁃ Motec PDM 32

⁃ Motec 125 dash display

⁃ Motec 15 button keypad

⁃ Center diff controller ( MAP DCCD)

⁃ Electric steering ( no more hydraulic)

⁃ Steering rack ratio changed , 2 different ratios can be used: quick and extra quick

⁃ Heavy duty battery cut off switch/module

⁃ All wiring front to back is Mil-spec, custom made harness from scratch

⁃ Easy engine harness disconnect on firewall, one 75 pin Mil-spec aluminum connector

⁃ Dual night lights stacked and mounted on hood with quick disconnect.

⁃ Wired, cables and GPS unit installed for RALLY SAFE.

⁃ Optima red top battery located in trunk in aluminum battery box

⁃ Battery kill switch in car

⁃ Battery kill switch outside of car


- Exe-TC rally coil-overs with extra travel top hats

⁃ TSSFAB tubular front cross member

⁃ TSSFAB tubular transmission support member

⁃ TSSFAB tubular rear cross-member/diff support

⁃ TSSFAB tubular T bar

⁃ AZE motor sports adjustable lateral links

⁃ Aluminum front lower control arms


-AN Fuel lines from tank to engine inside the vehicle

⁃ 4 fuel pumps (2 separate systems) ; 2 low pressure pickup pumps in tank (Walbro 450), 2 high pressure Bosch0454 fuel pumps in trunk. So if one fails you can switch over to the others at a push of a button. System will switch over automatically in case of a fault.

⁃ Fuel filter/regulator (Injector Dynamic) located in engine bay for ease replacement.

⁃ Fuel filler in trunk

⁃ Breather valve connected to fuel filler with rollover protection

⁃ Extra breather valve for fast filling/venting when fueling


- AP 4 piston gravel calipers and discs all around

- Steel braided fuel lines all around, and routing inside the vehicle

- Dry break disconnect for each corner of the car, so if a brake line in the wheel well ruptured you can disconnect it from the system and still have 3 working calipers

- Tilton floor mounted pedal box

⁃ 3 cylinder, one for the clutch, one for the front brake, one for the rear brake

⁃ Nameless performance hydraulic hand brake

⁃ Brake bias bar on brake pedal with remote adjustment.


⁃ Summit Raptor pro steering wheel buttons (RF signal, so no more wires)

⁃ Group N steering wheel quick release

⁃ 2x OMP HTE-R rally seats with side head protection

⁃ OMP 6 point harness belts for HANS device

⁃ OMP Aluminum co driver foot box

⁃ Aluminum driver foot/pedal cover

⁃ Custom flocked aluminum dash, split in two pieces to easily remove via DZUS clips to access Ecu, PDM and anything located on the firewall

⁃ 1 main plumbed FIA suppression system on rear seat with pull cable in cockpit as well as exterior

⁃ 1 fire extinguisher under co driver seat

⁃ 1 fire extinguisher in trunk

⁃ Evo Crk hydraulic quick jack in trunk

⁃ STILO DG 10 intercom

⁃ Font and rear carbon fiber door cards

⁃ Lexan/plexi glass with sliders for front doors and 2 quick pin disconnects to remove window in emergency

⁃ Lexan/plexi glass for rear doors

⁃ Lexan/plexi glass for rear window

⁃ Front windshield is heated via a dual 20 amp circuit embedded in the glass ( no more fogging up)

- Twin dual mounted night lights on hood with quick release/connect (brand)


- Stock 6 speed transmission

- 18 brand new Evo Corse gravel wheels

- Front Axles

- Rear axles

- Rear diffs

- Headlights

- WRC Boxular type sill stands 25mm

- 2 new brake rotors

- 4mm mudflaps

- 10x20 tent/gazebo service

- 10x20 heavy duty Motor sport floor tarp

- Spare front windshield heated via a dual 20 amp circuit embedded in the glass

- Front Bumpers

Selling the car as a whole package, car with all spares included, I am probably forgetting some items in the list, but you will get everything as I am moving away from the Subaru platform.

Price in Canadian dollars


(no low ball offers will be entertained)

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Published: Jan 8, 2023
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