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Van Diemen RF78 Formula Ford    $18,000     For Sale by Owner

Montrose, B.C. , BC

I have had the car for 2 years but have only raced it 2 weekends in that time. I have too many others projects that I am more passionate about at this time so I have very reluctantly decided to sell.

(There is no valve cover in the pictures as I was giving it a repaint and was impatient to take photos)

About the car:
-Britain West built engine with only 3 race weekends on it. Aluminum head, scat crank.
-Wired transponder
-Belts good until 2025
-Stainless exhaust
-Steel floor- I was told it was a school car at one point.
-14LF calipers in front- comes with LD19s to convert if desired
-AVO single adjustable dampers

It is ready to go racing, just get in and go! At the last race weekend it was the best starting/running FF in the field. You barely have time to take your finger of the start switch before it’s instantly running and you don’t have to pedal it to get it going.

What we have done in the last year:
-New electronic gauges and dash panel and switches
-Rewired whole car
-Fabricated new aluminum seat
-New coolant hoses and fabricated new aluminum pipes.
-Cooling system flushed
-Shift linkage tightened up
-New bushings for shift finger seal
-Calipers rebuilt
-Master cylinders rebuilt
-New clutch line
-New battery box
-New aluminum overflow tank and oil filter guard
-New sway bar connectors
-CV joints repacked
-Oil pump taken apart and inspected and leaks fixed
-New fire system lines
-And probably a lot of other stuff I am missing.

Comes with:
-Aluminum toe string bars that bolt to the car
-1 extra set of wheels
-1 brand new set of American racer tires—tires on the car have 1 race weekend on them
-LD19 Calipers for the front to convert if desired
-Brand new Ivey distributor and a pertronix coil purchased a few months ago
-Brand new Wires-lots of spark plugs
-Bottles of Lucas engine Oil and gear oil and oil filter
-13!!! sets of Hawk Brake pads (black and blue) plus the set that is on the car...
-Brand new Fuel pump
-Various Carb parts,
-Tons of caliper and master cylinder rebuild kits etc.
-Aluminum pit stands
-Starter battery with cart
-4 Scales set
-Set of spare gauges
-A few gearbox parts and gear sets
-Brand new radiator caps and thermostats
-Lots of various engine gaskets
-Water pump belts

I have never shipped a car but I would be willing to help in any way I could. If there is a picture of something you would like to see, just let me know!

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Published: Jun 8, 2022
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