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Panoz GTS         For Sale by Owner

Petersburg, ON

Panoz GTS, chassis #50 of 54 built. Purchased in 2016 from 2nd owner, only 42 hours on chassis/drivetrain at purchase. Rebuilt in 2017 & first 1/2 of 2018, raced 4-5 times per year from 2018 to 2021. Raced once in 2022. Raced in VARAC, many podium finishes including achieving 2021 CL-A class champion. Vehicle has all latest Panoz factory updates. Has significant chassis, aerodynamics & reliability improvements while maintaining stock body & chassis. Chassis/body improvements include; replacement of all OEM aluminum suspension arms/links with chromoly steel, front of chassis stiffened to accommodate 295 versus OEM 275 front tires, positively retained caster/camber adjustment mechanism, OEM front lower valance replaced by easily removable aluminum splitter/undertray, custom valved Penske shocks (just rebuilt, 1 race from new), double shear steering arms bump steered to near zero over over 5" of suspension travel, KRC power steering pump, CFD-based OEM rear wing optimization with engineered Gurney flap, new wiring with modern fusebox, switch panel & fuel pump safety g-switch, Canton oil accumulator, transmission cooler/pump, etc. Please contact for a full list of improvements. Powered by 1 race old Ford 351W, Ford Racing block, AFR CNC heads, hydraulic roller camshaft, Braswell carburetor, Jesel rockers, wet sump Canton pan with windage tray, custom fabricated long tube exhaust headers with merge collectors designed by PipeMax, all the best parts, etc. Engine runs on Shell 91 pump gas, does not require racing fuel. 1 season old Tremec TKX 5-speed. >$50,000 of spare parts, 95% new including complete spare body (less roof), complete spare front crush box with painted bumper, undertray & unused Griffin radiator (assembled ready to install), 4 sets of BBS/CCW wheels (1 set still in boxes unused), gaskets, bearings, control arms, spindles, engine parts, plus many original parts removed/replaced, etc. Car is very well engineered, completely refreshed over the winter. This is not a GT-1 car, it was designed to be a SCCA-approved GT-2 car & any improvements have been executed in that spirit. Panoz designed car to use low cost/high availability/high durability Coleman stock car components so cost of operation is very reasonable.2 shelves of binders that document all parts used on car & all improvements including race/testing results. Car also comes with approx. 200+ GB of computer files/data/communication/results/etc. Selling as just finishing the 2+ year restoration of my 1965 vintage road race Mustang & starting restoration of my 1966 fastback racing Mustang. Contact me for information & additional pictures. Car is race ready. Contact via gmail or 519572sevensixfivefour.

Panoz vintage racing Mosport/CTMP 2020

3 short clips, 1st from Panoz AiM, 2nd from competitor's bumper-mounted GoPro, 3rd from Panoz aim. Note high torque pump gas shell 91 hydraulic roller engine performance, shifted @ 6,200 to 6,500rpm. Small aerodynamic improvements are visible at high speed. Brakes are OEM Panoz Brembo, have 2 complete sets of new unused Coleman version of Brembo discs ($250/ disc versus $1,000/disc). Panoz was smart to use Coleman parts through out the car. Have not had time to consolidate videos from championship 2021 year, too busy restoring my Mustangs.

New exhaust system on chassis dyno

Replaced OEM Panoz exhaust with PipeMax designed long tube headers with merge collectors, dyno run #2.

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Published: May 9, 2022
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