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Alpinestars Missile Jacket, pants and tech-air race airbag    $2,000     For Sale by Owner

Grainstone Way, Ottawa , ON

I have a techair compatible Alpinestars missile leather jacket and pants with the associated race air bag vest. Pants and jacket have a 300 degree zipper to connect them. The vest can be programmed for track or for road use. In a brilliant maneuver I bought this stuff around the same time I started getting out of motorcycling so it has seen 4 track days and maybe about 20 hours of street use. The stuff is mint.

Please google the Alpinestars Tech-Air race airbag system for details. This system is ideal for the someone who wants to pull double duty between track use and street use.

Motorcycle is dangerous enough, this gives one extra layer of safety.

Size guide: www.alpinestars.com/size-guide

Prices paid (copy and paste from my original email from GP Sports)
052692, ALPINESTARS MISSILE AIR BK/WH, size euro 52, $799.95


011911, ALPINESTARS MISSILE LEATHER PANT, size euro 52, $579.95

The airbag needs to be inspected at a cost of $100 every 2 years. The system is almost exactly 2 years old (in august) so here is the deal - Commit to the purchase, I'll send it away to get inspected and certified at my cost. Assuming all passes which it damn well will, you buy the stuff knowing it is certified by Alpinestars. The system is transferred to your name which gives you access to the online site, programmer, firmware updates etc. It fails, then I give you back your deposit and I go fight with Alpinestars as to why a perfectly treated system should not pass after 2 years but you're out free and clear. I bought this stuff to keep me safe, trust that I took ridiculous good care of it and followed all the instructions.

This is a great deal for a barely used system. It is priced knowing I have to find a perfectly fitting person with the money to spend on an airbag system. If I connect with someone I get some return on my investment and you get a great deal.

I have never ridden in the rain and the suit is properly hung up in my closet after every ride. Battery has always been charged according to instructions (separate levels for storage or regular use) but also the battery is part of the certification process (see above). The suit is mint except for some very minor scuffing where the zipper hits my tank pad.

I CAN sell vest and suit separately but the pants and jacket have to be together.

Will travel to meet within reason.

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Published: Jun 13, 2020
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