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2007 Cobalt SS 2.4    $5,000     Sold

Ottawa , ON

Ive had the car for about 3 years now. Nothing has gone wrong/broken in that time. It has around 176k I think? Makes a pretty quick track/autox car. Im not a very fast driver and its keeps up with some quick cars. Its not the most pretty thing out there, but it works good. The left rear 1/4 is a poor bondo job, been like that since ive had it. paint isn't taken care of, scratches and bit of damage to the front bumper. Would make for an ideal chump car, not much work needed to make it eligible.

- SS front and rear bumpers
- Better motorsports full cage
- tow straps
- rear diffuser
- front lower lip (not installed yet)
- spherical front CAB
- BC racing coils
- Quaife LSD ($$$$)
- Fast racing wheels and rs4 tires (225/45r17 I think)
- Sweet MFG steering quick release with Sparco wheel
- NRG FPF311 seats
- Race quip belts
-ZZP long tube manifold
- Ignition system deleted (starts with switch and button)
- Interior is mostly gone. still has all glass and working side windows.
- Short shifter
- HP+ pads/ SS lines
- Sunroof delete
- Rear wing
- ZZP rear sway bar
- ZZP ecu tune
- Powell rear sway bar

Probably other stuff I'm missing. Car is reliable as fuck, never overheats, always starts. Great first car for someone to get into racing. Not road legal, I don't know who will safety it if you want to street drive it.

Car is in storage for the winter

$5000 obo. LSD and cage cost more.

Published: Dec 2, 2019
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