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2018 Leroy Engineering Track Day Tire Trailer 330HT    $3,050     For Sale by Owner

Changing up things for next year and will be using a different car and towing to events next season. Selling my purpose built 2018 Leroy Engineering Track day trailer. This is no harbor freight DIY track day tire trailer it is specifically built for hauling your track tires/fuel jugs, tools to a track day event behind your car. I had it custom made its got independent suspension, adjustable camber, toe, ride height and shock stiffness. Perfect solution for those that don't have a truck and trailer or room to put one. It will fit your ez-up tent and 4x 335's sized tires. All lights are LED and it even has a kick stand for sitting in the pits. Stores very compact against a wall as pictured. Open to reasonable offers

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Published: May 19, 2019
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