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Classic MGB 1963 Vintage Race car    $9,997     For Sale by Owner

1963 MGB (#41) Vintage Race Car
Affordable way to go vintage Racing
An MGB is a great way to get into vintage racing. #41 has only required oil changes and tires. I chose MGB because of their long successful racing history. With 500,000+/- sold from 1962 to 1980 parts are readily available and affordable from a variety of sources.
I raced #41 with the Calgary Vintage Club. It was competitive, see race results, with its peers. To my knowledge #41 has been raced, accident free, at least since being restored in the 1990's.

It was purchased new in Quebec and has always been a race car and never been registered for the street. It has a Canadian Auto Sports Clubs region 2 (Quebec regions) registration vehicle plate (CASC) “061".
It was raced at Edmonton International Speedway in early 70’s. It was acquired by Bob Hawkins of Hawkins Auto, an Edmonton MG specialist. The body was sandblasted and revealed a sound body with no rust and a very straight body. Dr. Alan Lees purchased and restored it with body work done Scott Custom Works. He raced #41 both in Alberta and participated in the OTC (Open Track Challenge, 7 different race tracks in seven days) in California. He fitted a 1950 c.c. big bore kit 14:1 compression ratio engine, but the engine was prone to blowing head gaskets.

He sold to John Kershaw who raced it for four years. When I purchased it I had a new engine built, with lots of good bits (ARP bolts, etc.) crank, rods, pistons, fly wheel & front damper balanced for dependability. It has been raced under a WCMA ASN Canada FIA Logbook. The engine has 7 race weekends (typically 5 races of 10 laps plus practice sessions per weekend) on it and is nicely broken in. The tires were replaced and only have 3 race weekends of wear. There are also a variety of spare parts, an acrylic low profile windshield, windows, etc.

Other details:
9:1 compression premium gas / Moss stage 3 head / Kent fast road cam / Single Weber / Electronic ignition / Oil cooler / Transmission Datsun 5 speed / Welded differential / AP light weigh clutch assembly / Large capacity road race oil pan / Large front sway bar Panhard bar / Fuel cell (may need update) / Electric gauge pack /
Lowered suspension with racing springs / Track bars on leaf springs / Upgraded master cylinder / Roll bar and harness (harness requires update) /
Aluminum hood, paint flat black / Sebring Headlamp Covers / Minilight style wheels / 195 60 R14 Falken Azenis RT615 heat cycled tires (used 3 weekends) /
Aluminum flywheel modified for the transmission

Open trailer with new tires is also available.

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Published: May 20, 2019
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