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Mazda Miata 1991 Honda S2000 AP1 ENGINE TRANS SWAP    $15,000     For Sale by Owner

The Car is a 1991 Mazda Miata with a widebody kit and a Honda s2000 Ap1 F20c 2003 engine and transmission swap.

The car was originally from Florida, it was then imported to Canada in 2005.
I got the car In Quebec about 4 years ago. The car was never driven in the winter or in the rain. It has always been kept in a heated garage (summer and winter) with a battery tender hooked up. The car has ZERO rust on it. I have taken the car completely apart and not a single trace of rust or any signs of rust starting. Every single bolt I removed was cleaned with a wire brush/brake cleaned and re installed with anti seize with the proper Mazda torque spec. I had never planed on selling this car it was something I had plan on keeping forever so a lot of attention to detail went into it. I have a car proof which I will also provide on request. The chassis has about 200,000KM on it, all the components, suspension, brakes,transmission and engine with all the new parts have about 4000km on it.

Lets start with the chassis/body:

The Mazda Miata na is notorious for having very thin frame rails. (not bent) I have reinforced them with frame rail covers. Which make the car much more sturdy.
The front subframe was cut and re designed to harness the F20c Ap1 engine and transmission. Which also includes a new steering setup and mounting points.
The transmission is being held up by a cross member that can be taken off the car with two bolts with both anchoring spots welded to the frame rail covers. The rear sub frame has a support bridging the gap between both ends of the sub frame where it tends to flex.
The Door bushings are Delrin which also helps significantly due to the doors being a huge structural piece of the car.
There is also a roll bar that was fabricated that hides under neath the removable hard top.

The body is suited with a custom widebody kit from Autokonexion. The original rear fenders were cut, welded , cleaned, painted, and covered with a bed liner with Kevlar. The front Fenders on the inside were coated with the same bed liner/Kevlar mix to add additional rigidity to them. The front LED turn signals are working air ducts that allow cooler air to pass into the engine bay. The Trunk lid has a custom wing that I made by hand. The rear bumper has been cut to allow the air to pass under the car and not get stuck in the rear bumper like a parachute. The front bumper also sports a lip that has ducts that direct air on to the front brake rotors.

The front /rear sub frame were removed, sanded, cleaned and re painted. The entire suspension from A-Z was removed, sanded, cleaned, and painted with proper automotive paint. All the control arms/ Stabilizer bars, sway bar bushings, Differential bushings, were removed and fitted with new polyurethane bushings all around the car. 4 new wheel bearings, Front Ball joints, and tie rods were changed. It had an alignment after all of this was done. The Steering rack is a De powered , power steering rack for a better turning radius vs the none powered steering rack it came with. The steering rack also has upgraded bushings.
The suspension is fitted with 32 way adjustable dampening Tein Advanced street Z coilovers, with new top hats and a front shock tower brace that ties them together.

The Brakes have been upgraded from the original 1.6L version of the car to the 1.8L version of the car.
Which means its a bigger brake caliper bracket to allow a bigger rotor and pads.
All 4 brake calipers are new ( new slider pins and pad retainer clips) painted with a high temp automotive brake paint with crossdilled and slotted rotors front and rear with Hawk Pads front and rear. I have brand new braided brake lines sitting in a box that were never installed. The brake booster and master cylinder are also new. The brake system has been flushed and been properly bled and filled with DOT4 fluid.

Transmission/Differential :
The transmission is a 6 speed from the 2003 Honda S2000 ap1.
-Brand new Clutch masters FX 400 clutch and pressure plate
-Clutch master light weight flywheel and new pilot bearing
-Brand new throw out bearing from clutch master
-Brand new master and slave cylinder for the clutch
-The transmission was taken apart cleaned re painted in hightemp paint inspected and put back together with all new parts. Filled with OEM Honda transmission fluid mixed with a Lucas stabilizer
-Shifter is fully rebuilt with new OEM parts and greased up
-Custom drive shaft
-Rebuilt Stock 1.6 VLSD with reinforced carrier case(can handle the current power level) it also comes with new seals in the box.

Exhaust setup:
- Heat wrapped Headers.. to a flex pipe.... to a straight pipe... to a magna-flow muffler.
Or a complete straight pipe with the exhaust cut out controlled from the drivers seat.

Wheels and tires:
-Brand new Potenza re71r 205/50r15 all four corners
-Phat 15 “ wheels 8.5”

The engine was taken apart cleaned and inspected and re assembled to Honda specifications/torque specs from the manual. Painted with proper aluminium extreme heat paint, stock color and the valve cover was sanded down and painted properly to avoid chipping with heat. All the tolerances were checked with a feeler gauge and the valves were adjusted.

New OEM Honda head gasket
New OEM ignition coil gaskets
Valve stem seal gaskets
Valve cover gaskets
Crank pulley gasket
Rear main seal gasket
VTEC assembly gaskets
Thermostat gasket
Water pump gasket
Every gasket on the engine is new...
Spoon thermostat
ARP head studs
New valve cover bolts
New OEM Honda timing chain
New OEM Honda oil pump chain
New OEM Honda chain guides
New OEM Honda oil pump chain guides
New OEM Honda temperature Sensor
New OEM Honda water pump
New Thicker thermal throttle body gasket
New OEM map sensor ( comes with OMNI 3 bar for turbo)
New OEM AIT sensor
New OEM PCV sensor
New ATI super damper Crank pulley
Deatschwerks 200 fuel pump (255lph)
New OEM ignition coils
New colder spark plugs
New fuel filter
Megan racing engine mounts
Brand new OEM Idler pulley with bearing
Brand new OEM water pump pulley
Brand new OEM belt tensioner
Brand new Belt
Mishimoto rad
Upgraded rad fan motor
Brand new battery
Brand new upstream 02 sensor
Brand new downstream 02 sensor

Interior :
-Honda S2000 cluster fully functional
-A/F AEM gauge
-Brand new radio
-Brand new speakers
-New shift knob
-Custom roll bar
-Aftermarket steering wheel
-Fan switches
-Fuel pump switch
-Kill switch (hidden)
-Battery voltage gauge
- Brand new Battery
Im sure I have missed things, as you can see I have put a lot of time/effort into this car. If you have any questions what so ever don’t hesitate to message me . The price is negotiable...

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Published: Apr 1, 2019
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