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1972 Datsun Widebody Race Car    $1     For Sale by Owner

As said 1972 Widebody Datsun 510 for sale!
We received this Datsun 510 part down payment as we always loved to have another one - nostalgia took over! But the reality is that we will never start the project and assemble this car, now in bits 'n pieces. L16 dry sump engine with 42 double twin carb's, 5 speed gearbox, coil over suspension already in it. This car needs a full assembly, paint, new Lexan all around, added side impact driver side and a dash. We could bring it to the new owner at no charge if it's not time limited.

Racing history - as far as we know it was raced in Alberta and BC (Canada) in the 1990's ...really have no other information but the Datsun fellow in USA told us it would make a descent historics race car (adding some $12,000 worth of labour and parts. Seeing that a "top" 510 will cost up to U$35,000.- this one seems like a good deal!
Call us 902 880 6010. Thanks for looking!

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Published: Jan 1, 2019
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