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2005 Mazda RX-8    $7,000     For Sale by Owner

in Calgary, AB

fm 2017 08 27 last run

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Not my fastest but probably the smoothest.

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Up for sale is my RX-8 with rebuilt engine as seen here: forums.beyond.ca/threads/394600-Broken-RX8-I-attempt-to-build-an-autocross-car

See more pictures here: imgur.com/a/FTfiL

I initially bought this to have a project, and it's been the perfect project for me, but now I am moving on to something more ambitious; building a car from scratch.

This car is a great car to autocross. Very predictable handling, and generally does pretty well in its class. Currently it is in STX class due to the high flow cat and wheels.

The tires are of course Bridgestone RE-71r in 245/45/17, just put on in July and have around 20 runs on them, so LOTS of life left. The wheels are OEM SN95 Mustang rims (with blank center caps, didn't want the pony logo lol). They have anodized aluminum hubcentric rings and I chose them because they are 17x8 with a nice offset and forged aluminum, only 19 lbs each. No curb rash on any of them (6 in total, see the extras section for more info)

I have been very meticulous with this thing and have put a lot of time and effort into getting everything just right. The engine is rebuilt with about 12,000km on it and runs flawlessly. Always starts on the first try, cold or hot. Clean carproof too!

While the engine was apart I cleaned everything. Every part of the intake manifold, exhaust, every internal part obviously.. I spent a lot of time on this part and it's not something the shops normally do. All the internals were in great shape. The engine failed due to carbon buildup which caused low compression. This is a leading cause of engine failure, especially with cars that only see city driving and never get redlined. The old rotary addage "a redline a day keeps the carbon away" is very true. I used the car to commute to work for the first 5000 kms to properly break in the engine, since then it has mainly just been driven to and from autox events in Red Deer and Fort Macleod. Every single tank of gas has been run with premix and the Sohn adapter was installed at the same time as the engine. Just ordered a full case of Idemitsu which will last a long, long time.

Here's a quick rundown of the major parts:

-Rebuilt Renesis engine with full OEM kit (all seals, gaskets, etc)
--Oil pressure mod (shimmed regulator to bump pressure)
--Sohn adapter (injects premix instead of dirty used engine oil)
--GM D585 ("LS2") coils with new MSD wires and new spark plugs
--New OEM oil injectors (Nobody ever thinks to change these, but they can get gummed up, so I did)
--New oil injector lines (properly run and crimped)
--New thermostat
--Atkins solid thermal pellet
-New Excedy clutch with FD pressure plate (slightly higher clamp force) and resurfaced flywheel
-New Race Roots motor mounts
-Race Roots synchro saver
-Racing Beat catback exhaust
-Racing Beat downpipe with Vibrant metal high flow cat
-Whiteline front swaybar (with new OEM endlinks)
-New Hawk HPS pads all around
-New Optima redtop battery
-New starter (the revised, higher speed one)
-Walbro 255 fuel pump
-K&N drop-in filter and airbox debaffled (JDM spec)
-Racing Beat oil cooler screens
-New windshield installed last year
-3m coating on the front end

I've taken care of all the usual things that give RX8 owners grief, including:

-Resoldered all contacts on heater control
-Replaced motor mounts (stock ones go at around 100k)
-Disassembled, cleaned and greased all connectors in the electric power steering

Extra parts included:
-Set of OEM 18" wheels and all season tires, all in good shape
-2 extra race wheels (exact same style, Mustang wheels) with tires that are nearly bald, but not corded or anything
-Stock cat and catback
-Stock windshield wiper fluid reservoir (currently has a US-spec reservoir to fit the Sohn bottle)
-Stock front swaybar

GT package includes:
-Heated leather seats
-Power sunroof
-Fog lights
-Sport suspension (brakes, shocks, and springs,)
-Bose audio
-Power driver seat
-HID headlights
-Homelink mirror (garage door opener)
-Traction control and Dynamic Stability Control, which works pretty well but can also be turned completely off.

Gripes I have are:
-HVAC controls don't light up at night. Needs a new bulb maybe?
-Faint clunk from, I think, the PPF. I have spent HOURS going through the whole front end and can't find anything. Even went as far as using a magnetic microphone everywhere I could think of, but came up empty. Probably an old bushing somewhere, but it certainly doesn't show in the handling of the car. Everything feels very tight (I even get comments like that when other RX8 owners drive it). I haven't been able to duplicate it recently, so my last round of tightening things might have finally done it?
-Couple scuffs here and there on the paint, most of them from before I owned it
-I did take out a runway light at a Fort Macleod event. Small dent in the RR rocker that I have to point out for people to notice. Have not tried to pull it out yet, been thinking about getting some OEM side skirts actually...
-The interior is generally in very good shape, I stripped a lot of parts and cleaned them when I got it, but there is the usual wear on the driver seat bolster.
-Bit of surface rust under the spoiler and inside the gas cap. Been meaning to take care of this but haven't been able to find the paint locally. Might order some..

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