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Mazda Miata - Road Legal Track Prepared    $5,500     Sold

in 3015 Matis, St Laurent, QC


I purchased the car this Spring and have been tracking the car at lapping days and time trial events in Canada. I purchased it with the full intent of just learning how to drive on the track. The reason I am selling is that I am looking to get into a car that I can use for both rallycross/snowcross as well as track events. The previous owner did a lot on the car as well as the person before.

- Red, 1990 Miata with 1.6L engine
- Body has about 295,xxx kms (will get exact number tonight)
- Engine was rebuilt at 263,000 kms with new pistons, valves, valve seats, bored .020" over, ARP head studs
- Mazdaspeed Spec Miata motor mounts in urethane
- Larger radiator with dual electric fans at 284,000 kms (wired to switch in cockpit) - will never overheat
- New alternator at 275,000 kms
- New Flyin Miata clutch and lightweight flywheel installed at 293,000 kms
- New clutch cylinder at 275,000 kms
- Rebuilt differential installed only 500 kms ago
- All suspension bushings replaced with Energy Suspension urethane
- Racing Beat 25mm front sway bar
- Stock rear sway bar
- H&R Race Springs 450 lb/in and 350 lb/in
- KYB AGX shocks
- 2nd Gen Miata camber bolts allowing for full race alignment
- SS Brake lines
- Calipers and rotors from 1997 Miata (larger)
- Rotors were replaced at 286,000 kms
- Hawk HP+ rear pads at 286,000 kms and fronts just a month ago (about 1,000 kms)
- Front wheel bearings replaced with NSK at 275,000 kms
- ARP 60mm wheel studs
- Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels, offset +11 installed at 267,000 kms
- Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires installed at 292,000 kms (3 track days since), 205/50/R15
- Aluminum lugnuts from 949 Racing
- Catback 2.25 SS exhaust
- Small lip spoiler on rear of car
- OMP Race seat (driver's side only) installed only about 4 months ago. I have a Sparco Sprint seat that can go with the car.
- Roll bar (Hard Dog double diagonal)
- Harness bar from Hard Dog
- Sparco racing steering wheel
- Interior has been stripped
- LRB racing interior door panels
- Coolant Temperature gauge
- Aftermarket shift knob
- Sparco race pedals
- New top installed about 3 months ago
- New front right lower ball joint

The transmission and differential fluids were just changed (when clutch and differential was replaced). The oil was just changed about 1,000 kms ago with 10W40 LiquidMolly. DOT 4 brake fluid changed at beginning of season. The car currently has a full race alignment that makes the car stick to the track.

I'm not very good yet, but the previous owner who had it for about 2 years posted the following lap times:

ASE - 1:01.78
ICAR - 1:55.95
LCMT - 2:06.71
Mosport - 1:46.22 (I can tell you that is really fast as I could only get it in the low 1:50's, but I'm a novice)

The only issues I can think of is that the previous owner had the battery come loose and put a dent in the trunk area, but that is just cosmetic. She is a race car with all of the knicks and dings that go along with it. The car runs great. The inside is noisy without the interior, but again it is a race car. I drive it to and from events (5+ hours away) with no issues. Car has been very reliable and fun to whip around the track. There might be a little bubbling of the paint on the rear passenger fender, but very small. Other than that, there is no rust. Mechanically the car is very good.


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